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Read, plot and handle Bruker NMR-data


Updated 24 Jan 2021

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Read and plot NMR-data: rbnmr.m and plotbnmr.m

These matlab functions makes it easy to read Bruker format processed NMR data into the workspace memory of matlab and to plot the data. It supports one and two-dimensional data.

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Nils Nyberg (2021). RBNMR (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Pavel Solovyev

Nils Nyberg

Fixed a problem with dynamically created field names. Apparently, it's not allowed to have a '-'-character and this gave a 'Invalid field name: 'X2-Y2_'.'. Download the latest version.

Arthur Scheerder

Benjamin Kohn

Vencel Somai

Teodoro Kaufman

Hi, I downloaded the program buy cannot make it work. Could anybody please post some instructions? (where to place each file/program, etc.) Thanks!!!

Yaroslav Nikolaev

Hi Nils,
Is there any way I could / should cite this program in a scientific paper?
This program is indeed amazingly cool! :-) I use it extensively.

Berat Dogan

Muhammad Adil


Hi, and sorry for the (silly) question, but the .DATA files from different spectra are normalised to the nc_proc values? Namely, do they have the same nc_proc value??? Please answer me!



Excellent program I use it every day.

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Created with R2020a
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