Converts physical unit1 into unit2.
Updated 10 Nov 2003

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y = units(x,'unit1','unit2') - Converts x from physical unit1 to unit2

example: units(1,'in','mm') = 25.4

The following units are supported:
Acceleration: m/s^2, cm/s^2, mm/s^2, ft/s^2, in/s^2, G
Angle: rad, deg, rev
Area: km^2, m^2, cm^2, mm^2, ym^2 (square-micrometer), sq-mile, sq-yd, sq-ft, sq-in,
acres, ha, ar
Area Moment of Inertia: m^4, cm^4, mm^4, ft^4, in^4
Density: t/m^3 (metric), kg/m^3, g/cm^3, g/mm^3, lbs/ft^3 lbs/in^3, lbs/galUS, lbs/galUK
Energy, Work, Torque: GJ, MJ, kJ, J, mJ, Nm, Ncm, Nmm, kWh, Wh, Ws, lb-ft, lb-in, oz-in,Btu,
Btu, cal, kcal, eV
Force: MN, kN, N, dyne, lbf, kip
Fuel Consumption: l/100km, miles/galUS
Frequency, Angular Velocity: GHz, MHz, kHz, Hz, 1/s, 1/min, 1/h, rad/s, deg/s, rpm
Length: km, m, dm, cm, mm, ym (micrometer), nm, mile, yard, ft, in, mill,
Angstrom, light-year
Mass: t (metric), tUS, tUK, kg, g, mg, yg (microgram), ng, lbs, oz
Mass Moment of Inertia: kg*m^2, kg*cm^2, kg*mm^2, g*m^2, g*cm^2, g*mm^2, lb*ft^2, lb*in^2
Power: GW, MW, kW, W, mW, hp, Btu/h, Btu/s, kcal/h, J/h
Pressure, Stress: GPa, MPa, kPa, hPa, Pa, bar, mbar, atm, dyne/cm^2, ksi, psi, mmHg, mmH2O
Strain: m/m, mm/m, ym/m (micrometer/m), nm/m, %, o/oo, in/in, mill/in
Stress Intensity Factor: MPa*m^1/2, MPa*mm^1/2, ksi*in^1/2, psi*in^1/2
Temperature: degK, degC, degF, degR
Time: yr (365 days), mth (30 days), wk, day, hr, min, s, ms, ys (microsecond), ns
Velocity: km/s, km/h, m/s, cm/s, mm/s, m/min, mm/min, mps, mph, ft/s, in/s, ft/min,
in/min, Mach, knots
Viscosity: Ns/m^2, poise, centipoise, lbfs/sq-ft
Volume: km^3, m^3, cm^3, mm^3, ym^3, cu-mile, cu-ft, cu-in, l, cl, ml, galUS, galUK,
pint (liquid US), quart (liquid US), fl-oz (liquid US)

Metric Prefixes: Yotta, Zetta, Exa, Peta, Terra, Giga, Mega, Myria, kilo, hecto, 1
deci, centi, milli, micro, nano, pico, femto, atto, zepto, yocto

(i.e., units(1,'m','kg') = 1, which is of course nonsense.)

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