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google.m is a simple shell interface to initiate Google search in Matlab.


Updated 12 Apr 2013

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google.m is a shell interface to initiate Google search and display first few results in Matlab Command Window. The function treats varargin as the query word(s) and uses regular expression to analyze the text returned by Google. One of the fun parts is you can type typos, since Google corrects spelling.

google.m keeps cache so to prevent bugging Google from the same query. It always displays cache result. Users are allowed to clear the cache.

google.m is inspired by goosh. (

Example usage:
google mathworks
google matlab file xechange
google matlab chaowei chen

exit a search by hitting "Enter" 3 times.

Other notes:
1. only tested in Windows environment.
Mac users may need to revise filesep.
2. May require to obtain a Google API key
3. cautions from cprintf if used.

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Chaowei Chen (2021). google (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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jj rice


The program just runs forever. Does nothing...


Do you know if we are limited by the amount of searches that we can do? I'm asking this because after a loop of ~50 elements I started getting the captcha and the notice that I was using the search engine as a bot.

Do you know how I can avoid such event?

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Created with R2010a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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