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A visual tool that allows to build signals and save them to workspace variables.

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Updated 07 Sep 2016

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Modified version of UISignalBuilder by Laurent VAYLET.
Use this tool to create signals by mouse-clicks. They can then be exported to Matlab variables at a specified sample period.
- Linear, spline, pchip and nearest neighbor interpolation,
- Multiple signals in one figure (you can add signals, not delete them),
- Save/reload data points to/from a workspace variable
- Export signals at a specified sample period.
- Choose which signals to export
- Export in a "Simulink|From Workspace"-friendly form (i.e. a struct with a 'time' and a 'signals' field).
- Intuitive pan/zoom

For this file, I modified the code by VAYLET. GridBagLayout was used for positioning the controls in the figure. A modified version of akZoom (named akZoom2, included in this package) was used for panning/zooming. Note that akZoom2 is not a mature product. It works for this specific project, but functionality in other cases is not guaranteed.

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Gijs van Oort (2020). UISignalBuilder2 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Great, now it works! Thank you.

Stephan, the issue you describe is due to incompatibility with newer (>=2015b?) Matlab versions. There, a graphics handle is an object instead of a numerical identifier. And, isnan() can only handle numbers... I updated it so that it should work again (tested in R2016a)


When I call "uisignalbuilder2" in R2015b I get the following error:

Undefined function 'isnan' for input arguments of type ''.

Error in layout.AbstractLayout/add (line 48)
if ~isnan(h)

Error in layout.GridBagLayout/add (line 106)
add@layout.AbstractLayout(this, h, row, col);

Error in uisignalbuilder2 (line 131)
figureLayout.add(hAxes, [1 2], 1, 'Fill', 'Both');

Any ideas?


Made it work with R2015b and higher (where graphics handles are objects instead of numerical identifiers)

Added a 'Simulink|From Workspace'-friendly export function.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2015b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: UISIGNALBUILDER, akZoom, GridBagLayout