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Displays 3D images.


Updated 18 Aug 2007

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This is a simple GUI to dislay 3D images, i.e., stack of 2D images. The sliding bar and edit window allow changing the slice number (See the screenshot). It has a colormap menu which includes gray,inverse gray, hot and jet colortables as choices. When the user right-clicks on the image, the colormap menu appears. Imtools drop-down menu
includes pixval, improfile, histogram and Adjust intensity window, which can be applied globally (to all slices) or to current slice (default),
options. It displays the histogram of the current slice. A pop-up menu allows changing the view from transverse to coronal or sagittal. ImFile drop-down menu can read an image from the workspace, read series of 2D image files or DICOM series from harddisk into a 3D image and displays
it, and lastly, can save the current image into the workspace or into the disk in TIFF format.

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yingying li

hope for help,Thank you so much
Warning: The EraseMode property is no longer supported and will error in a future release.
> In imlook3d>imlook3d_OpeningFcn (line 145)
In gui_mainfcn (line 220)
In imlook3d (line 101)
Error using imread>get_full_filename (line 568)
File "/home/lpc/Matlab/toolbox/imlook3dv12/\imlook3d.png" does not exist.

Phill Johanson

Had to fix line 180 in imlook3d.m. Replaced backslash to slash so it is "txt = [fdir(1:end-10) '/imlook3d.png'];"
The pop up with logo is a bit annoying

Otherwise works well, thanks!

Nachiket Tanksale

I am getting two types of errors with two different cases...But I think that the software is nice and helpful. pls let me know a way out of this....

??? Error using ==> imlook3d('readOrdinaryImageSeries_Callback',gcbo,[],guidata(gcbo))
Error using ==> imread at 328
Unable to determine the file format.

??? Error using ==> imlook3d('readSingleDicomImage_Callback',gcbo,[],guidata(gcbo))
Undefined function or method 'keepfield' for input arguments of type 'struct'.

??? Error while evaluating uimenu Callback

Also, pls mention some steps to run the software.



I have slices of images I am trying to use this code to help view. I have the files saved with incrementing filenames and I load them all and place them in a cell. I tried to run the program by typing "imlook3d(Cellname)" but get an error about the min and max of a cell not being able to be computed. I also cannot get imwrite to save my cell, it gives the same error: Undefined function or method 'min' for input arguments of type 'cell'.

Could my data be in an incorrect format, or am I using this function incorrectly? If so, what is the correct method?

I hope this is the appropriate place to ask this question. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Eshant GOLA


It does not work with uint16 images.

Erik Roelofs

Hello Omer, nice work. However, when using "Read a stack", RGB images return size XxYx3, which is not correctly handled.
I (The End-User) could save the files as grayscale or you could use e.g. "rgb2gray" if "prod(size(timg(1,1,:)))=3". This would make your tool more versatile...

David Entenberg

Just tried it... Crashes with error: Undefined function or variable 'gui_mainfcn'.

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