Function Chart V.3.2

Easy event-driven motion control for education with GUI based parameter, syntax and dead end check
Updated 29 Oct 2022

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Design, simulation, Real-Time Code Generation and Documentation of event-driven
systems - especially in the fields of mechatronics, mechanical and electrical
engineering - by means of Hybrid Function Charts. For an overview please see:
You may use operating systems Windows as well as HP-Unix. "Preset" 64 bit windows
dynamic link libraries (mexw64) may be substituted via 32 bit windows (mexw32), or
prior version (dll) or HP-UNIX (mexhpux). You may also generate your own dynamic
link libraries for other operating systems.
This SIMULINK add-on block library Function Chart offers a reasonable tool
for realization of event-state-nets, which is close to the German guideline VDI /VDE
3684 "Description of event-driven motion processes by function charts" [Beuth
publishers Berlin]. You can graphical programme without a special function chart
window, without compiler run in case of simulations and without special function
chart coder software in case of real-time code generation. The library allows separate
motion error handling sequences, separated from normal motion sequences without loss of
a well-ordered graphical arrangement. This is also true for transmission of variables
from function charts to drives as well as for display of active states.
For a summary of essential features please see:
First of all please scrutinize examples in directory "BeiV32_TBBS" necessarily.
Programming special projects please pay attention to correct use of
syntax: and
This applies especially to the input of same Function Chart numbers
(FN) but different state numbers (BN) for all state blocks, such as blocks ZA, ZX, ZE and ZF,
within >>>one<<< Function Chart. Please note several Function Charts may be defined
inside of one project. For examples please see:
For a summary of application hints please see:
Block helps are available at:
Supplementary toolbox "Function Chart Check" is available in directory "SyntaxV31"
for check of syntax, FN (Function Chart number) and BN (state number), use of variables,
use of selected blocks, potential dead ends or right construction of loops. Addition of
the corresponding directory "SyntaxV31" to MATLAB search path and following call of "FupCheck"
at MATLAB prompt opens a GUI window with several check buttons. Alternatively to these GUI
windows 4 script files with same functionality are available [TEST_PARA (parameter check),
TEST_SACK (dead end check), TEST_SYNT (syntax check), TEST_WEIT (loop check)]. These four
script files correspond to four GUI sub windows of FupCheck. Directory "BeiV31_TBFe" contains
some examples with designed errors within function charts in order to get familiar with this
test toolbox. For more detailed explanations please see:
Attention should be paid to some essential preconditions given there and importent for the
application of this check tools.
Please also note: Version 3.2 supplementary toolbox "Function Chart Check" may be applied
only to mdl-files, but not to slx-files.
Directory "QuellenV32" provides with source files for dynamic link libraries in
order to enable generation of dynamic link libraries for other operating systems,
such as LINUX, or for generation of real time code assuming availability of any
C compiler for target hardware.
Preliminary remark before use - dear potential user,
originally this ZIP file would contain a ready for use FunctionChart block library,
but >>>THIS<<< ZIP file version doesn't contain any dynamic link library, i.e. neither
mexw64 nor mexw32, dll or mexhpux. Reason may be learnt from following e-mail
after having prepared a first submission of this Simulink add-on block library:
... thank you for participating in the MATLAB Central Community. I have reviewed
your submission to File Exchange and noticed it contains .DLL and .MEX files.
Since it's important for others to be able to inspect and learn from your code,
we do not publish any executable files (EXE, DLL, P- code, MEX, etc.). Please
consider resubmitting your contribution without the .DLL and .MEX files.
... MATLAB Central Administrator, MathWorks
Thus you cannot directly download and test. Please look at
“ReadMe_DynamicLinkLibraries_MCFE.txt” for workarounds.
Sorry for needless effort, but according e-mail above such intermediate step isn't

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