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Time Series Viewer

version (199 KB) by Michelle Hirsch
Interactive tool for plotting time series.


Updated 04 Dec 2019

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The time series viewer is a tool for interactive exploration of time series data. It was designed with flight test data in mind, but could be used for other applications.
This viewer allows you to interactively visualize time series data in your MATLAB workspace. It provides limited analysis capabilities, too. For the purposes of this application, "time series data" refers to parameters that vary only as a function of time. Specifically, this application is restricted to working with vectors (i.e. 1xN or Nx1).

I am very interested in what users think about this application. Please email me ( with any comments, descriptions of how you are using it, or suggestions. This demo uses the dragndrop interface, which is also available separately at

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Michelle Hirsch (2021). Time Series Viewer (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (10)

Koen Windey

Good start - I would love to have the zoom of multiple subplots to be built-in on the standard Matlab figure.

James Sutherland

This is useful thanks! Careful when using as I have noticed a bug whereby the legend becomes mixed up as signals are added to a plot.

Stacey Gage

@Steve Tweddell - please take a look at signalEditor in Simulink. It was released in R2017b.


Ritesh Mujawdiya

Steve Tweddell

Potentially a brilliant asset to MatLab, I’m currently working with large amounts of flight data and a GUI similar to this with a printing/copy function would be very useful. I would have thought this tool would be a natural extension of the Aerospace blockset.

Are there any new updates?

supri rohadi


Michael Zhang

Both the previous comments are not fair.
1. This will be a zip file, not m-file.
2. Read the help file to learn how to use it before you blame it.
It works for me, it would be nice if the users can change the color of the text labels

Couderc Philippe

Enable to download the m-file. Broken link !

yan zhang

bugs! not running on my XP Matlab6.5

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