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cmap2pal - Convert matlab colormap to binary .pal format

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Convert Matlab colormaps to binary .pal format



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Converts standard Matlab colormaps (nx3 RGB tuples) to the binary .pal format allowing import to other graphing software packages (e.g Origin).


CMAP2PAL(cmap) converts the Matlab colormap cmap into binary .pal format. cmap must be an nx3 array of RGB values between 0 and 1. The output file destination is selected via a GUI.

CMAP2PAL(cmap,path) saves the .pal file to the destination specified by path.

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mb9891 (view profile)

Works perfectly. Thank you!

John Jamison

Doesn't work. Says Line 69 has not enough input arguments. No instructions.

M. A.

M. A. (view profile)

Very useful script!

Great job!

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Created with R2012a
Compatible with any release
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