Matlab FLOW (FLOcking Walkers) toolbox

The Matlab FLOW (FLOcking Walkers) toolbox has been created to facilitate experimentation with group


Updated 7 Oct 2013

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The Matlab FLOW (FLOcking Walkers) toolbox has been created to facilitate experimentation with groups of "actors" who move (in the two-dimensional plane or in the three-dimensional space) interacting with each other.

The Matlab File Exchange FLOW distribution consists of a single file: But THIS IS NOT THE COMPLETE DISTRIBUTION!!! Because of size limitations on the File Exchange, we only include the Matlab 2D simulator code. This will work fine by itself, but it does not include either the 3D Viewer or the 3D simulator. To get these, go to and download the following files.

1. is the 2D simulator and related files.
2. contains the viewer for the 2D simulator and related files.
3. contains the 3D simulator and related files.
4. FLOW2DQuickStart.pdf is the QuickStart file.
5. Readme.txt (this file)

We believe it is worth downloading the 3D viewer. To get some motivation, you can look at the VIDEOS we have uploaded on YouTube, for example:

At any rate, you can get started just with the 2D simulator. It has been tested and works on Windows (XP, 7, 8) with Matlab 2009b or higher; it should work (but we have not tested it) on Linux and Mac systems as well.

To install FLOW:
1. Create a root folder (the following discussion assumes that your root folder is C:\FLOW.)
2. Place in C:\FLOW the file and unzip it; you will get a subfolder C:\FLOW\FLOW2D;
3. If you have downloaded and from SourceForge, similarly unzip them in FLOW.

To start using FLOW:
1. Start Matlab.
2.1 To use the the 2D simulator, go to C:\FLOW\FLOW2D and, in the command line, type PathSet (to run the PathSet.m script).
2.2 You are ready to go. Type FLOWDemo (to run the FLOWDemo.m script).
2.3 For more details read FLOW2DQuickStart.pdf and for even more details FLOW2DManual.pdf.
3. Similarly, to use the the 3D simulator, go to C:\FLOW\FLOW3D, type PathSet and run FLOWDemo31.m.

Ath. Kehagias ( + L. Eleftheriou (
Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GREECE

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