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CDFPLOT displays a plot of the Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) of the input array.


Updated 03 Feb 2004

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cdfplot(X) displays a plot of the Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) of the input array X in the current figure. The empirical CDF y=F(x) is defined as the proportion of X values less than or equal to x. If input X is a matrix, then cdfplot(X) parses it to the vector and displays CDF of all values.

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Very nice. Works well.

Abrar Faiz

Hi Alex. I have five column data, When i used cdfplot, i got following error. Error in cdfplot (line 32) hp = plot(Xplot, Yplot); input is in array, and matrix both gave me same error, while when i gave input in a single column i got graph. please help. thanks

useful, but i don't know how to set the input

very good, thank you for uploading

Thanks, it seems to work well, at least for vectors.

Chris Men

good for use


I have a vector X of data. And I want to know the cumulative probability that X is below 5%: Prob(X<5%). X does not follow a specific probability distribution.
Which function can do that?

Jeremiah Kiptala

works well for array; matrix not sure. good

hamed h

true.. plots are all blue.. where did he get the colored pic from??!!!

Krishna Pillai

thanks. it is useful

meng yusong

it is what I want

al gor

All plots remain with the same blue color


h h


harry sheng

very useful

Eric Setton

Alberto Castro

Como anillo al dedo!

Se Young Eun

Kei Mizutani


Debang Lao

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Inspired: plotcdfkuiper