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Quadrotor modelling and Control with SimMechanics

version (12.3 MB) by Leonardo Araujo
This model is part of my Quadrotor project


Updated 07 Jan 2014

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Quadrotor modelled with SimMechanics using the Solidworks link and PID control with Control toolbox.

I've did not received the 3d printed parts yet but as soon as I receive them I will also update the plant with the System Identification toolbox.

Currently I have problems to get the state-space representation from this model (I'm trying with linmod) if someone know better how to do this please give some feedback ;)

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Did u figure out how to rotate the blades in VR animation?

How have you gotten the input signals? I can't seem to understand that.

hi, I could model the state space rep. of linear model to "Matlab" codes, it'll be the result of multiplication of (12*12) in a (12*4) matrices. we can share information and discuss them in detail. email: I also could use your help in simulink modeling of the quad rotor.

i need to your detias dynamics difranciel
please if possible , send me this file
thank you

i can't download the file, please help me
e-mail( hamidsie4]

update the plant with the System Identification toolbox

very good!

Dear sir,
I can't download the file!
Can you help me?
my email:

good work

Nice work!

I get the same error as @Chen, when I try to run the model:
"Variant Subsystem block 'QuadRotor_PID_Simulink3d/Plant_Quad_Base' contains no active variant objects."

What is the problem here?


Good work;


When I run the simulation, It popped out that "Variant Subsystem block 'QuadRotor_PID_Simulink3d/Plant_Quad_Base' contains no active variant objects.", how can I fix this problem?

Ryan G

great sim. Have you tried using the LINEARIZE command instead of linmod?

Check out the Data Drive control videos here:

Very nice


Added Simulink 3d Feature

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