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Sends E-mail with Outlook OLE

version (765 Bytes) by Rainer F.
This functions sends an e-mail with Outlook.

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Updated 25 Feb 2004

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This functions sends an email to a recipient with Outlook using OLE.

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Rainer F. (2021). Sends E-mail with Outlook OLE (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (19)

Scott Neally


how to further optimize this code to send an email without outlook open?

Florent Hennart

Works perfectly with Outlook 2010. I haven't had any permission notification from Outlook.

Nirav Ambaliya

Excellent solution. Works really well. Tested with Matlab R2008b and Outlook 2003.

Outlook asks for the user permission but its fine for me.


Robin Larsson

Great if it was not for the Outlook notification "external application is accessing..."
This solution is easier if you need to send email from Matlab:




There is a program called ClickYes, which will automatically click the yes button on the "external application is processing..." warning box.


Works OK with outlook2003.

Did anyone solve the approval notification from Outlook: "external application is accessing...Blah Blah ?"

Without that, every send operations still requires user approval at Outlook.

Deepak Maragal

hiba hibo


Antonio Rivero

Neil Peterson

This works with Outlook 2007 Beta. Of course, one can always ask for more options, such as getting input from a struct instead, and optionally being able to specify the sender.

Andrew O'Sullivan

I give this 5 stars.

Andrew O'Sullivan

Great, works with Outlook 2000 fine. Only snag is that outlook must be running before using the command, but that is easy to work around using Windows Startup icon group.

chand cc

Good It works !

Yogesh Mehta

Good One. it works...

Zahepariana Zereniana

It works.

Sepp Erharth

Nice Tool.

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