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Bytestream Save Toolbox

version (8.04 KB) by Jan Berling
Ultrafast saving of workspace variables as bytestreams. Especially useful for big cells and structs.


Updated 10 Sep 2014

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The bytestream toolbox dramatically reduces the occupied disc space, as well as save and load times for .mat files. The high performance gain is possible, because bytestreams are much smaller than conventional Matlab-variables.
The toolbox provides the creation and saving of bytestreams, as well as the loading and restoring of the initial variables, in one step, respectively.
Inclusive streaming and unstreaming times, the save time and storage space needed for big cells or structs, is reduced by up to 99%.
The toolbox uses the undocumented Matlab functions getByteStreamFromArray() and getArrayFromByteStream(). The idea is based on following article on the undocumented Matlab website.

This is still a beta version. The stability of Matlab may be decreased, while and after using this toolbox.

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Jan Berling (2021). Bytestream Save Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2011b
Compatible with any release
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