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IEEE 14 bus System

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IEEE 14 Bus system according to IEEE guidelines.

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IEEE 14 bus system is widely used as a case for conducting various studies like short circuit analysis, Load flow studies, interconnected grid problems etc...

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Good job indeed, I need to use it for thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC).belongs to the flexible altemating
current transmission systems (FACTS) family of devices.

ming xie

sandeep sharma

Jae Yi

Jae Yi (view profile)

Very Good! I have a quick question, where did you find the IEEE 14 guidelines? I can only find the guidelines from universities, but not the IEEE guidelines itself. Thank you in advance!

Why did you connect a transformer after each generator.

please i didn't know how to place the pmu's in IEEE 14 bus system so, can u help me to solve that problem

shimaa ali

please i want to know what is the voltage rate for IEEE14 bus system & IEEE 30 bus system & Ieee 39 bus system

Tarun patel

Where do I need to connect the output port 2 of the system? And if I want to introduce fault, where should I add it?


Ali (view profile)


Go through the scope using look under mask. They will provide you the active and reactive power at each bus as well as phase voltage.

Thanks for your query.

Hafiz Amer

How to measure the voltage of each bus? What does the scope attached to each bus do?

sandeep sharma

niraliji. it is an slx file. iit is a simulink model. it will be run in matlab 2013. please use powergui in phasor. if further problem insists please mail at

nirali rathod

simulink model can not be opened. error :open at 162.
the file does not contain a valid model in xml format.please suggest how to open simulink file.

could i use this same data for contingency also

hai bhusan try to contact me to my mail id we will discuss on your requirement

Mohamed Ali

Dear sir, Are you have the model design of optimal capacitor location using Intelligent technique for 34 bus or 123 bus systems!
help as you can!

very good effort
please help me to find out power measurements in each bus bar

swing bus is not there so not able to run load flow any way very good efforts done by author


i m B.E student and my project is based on IEEE 14 bus ...

and how to simulate STATcom with 14 bus model.....

dear one.
please help me about dynamic state estimation of power state estimation by kalman filter on using IEEE 9 bus and IEEE 14 bus how can i simulate and optimise the system with it to provide better


please tell how to measure values of active(P) and reavtive(Q) power for 14-bus system


thank you

please tell how to measure values of active(P) and reavtive(Q) power for 14-bus system


DeYong (view profile)

I used this model and it works very well, but i had some problems when tried to simulate a fault in a line. I think that it is because this modelo uses a RLC series model to emulate a transmision line instead of a pi model.
Are there any model of 14 bus systems that uses line´s pi model instead of RLC Series model?.
I really would appreciate that information. Thanks to the author of this model.


This appears very useful. Has anyone done any validation on it?


Which bus should be the swing bus? Otherwise load flow will show error.

Qi Wang


Roman (view profile)

Thank you!

Merah ahmede

Gooood job 8/10

Nice Job!
But you did not specify swing bus in order to perform load flow in Simulink.

i told you you could do it.. good!!



IEEE 14 bus simulink model

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