plots the subroutines in a function, and their dependencies on each other
Updated 7 Dec 2016

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plot_subfun('foo.m') plots a node map of the subroutines in the file foo.m, and their dependencies.
The screenshot is a sample output for the function plot_subfun.m itself.
There is a demo of examples which can be shown with web(publish('demo_subfun'))

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Christopher Pedersen (2024). plot_subfun (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux
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Version Published Release Notes

Fixed bug i unhide code (Thanks Amro).

Fixed bug in plot_graph where node comments appeared in the wrong node. With thanks to Zi-Xiang WANG for spotting the bug.

Added graceful handling of files-not-found, class definitions and scripts when using the -extsub option.

added catch code to handle calls to built-in functions

added -extsub option to recursively find all subroutines in external functions too.

Corrected error : wrong file uploaded

added option to show external function calls in the figure

bugfix to work under 32-bit windows
bugfix to work in folders with spaces

bugfix in plot_graph line 202 : apparently old syntax didn't work on all windows versions.
also fixed line 207 so it gives a meaninful error message !

added -unhide option to show hidden function in grey
bugfix to catch an error in the -ends option
added a demo.
changed name to plot_subfun

bugfix that handles built-in functions, and functions with no subroutines.

added extra options for selectively hiding subroutines.

Added handling of scripts and function without subroutines.
figures now have a 3/4" margin to ensure they fit on the useable area of the screen.

Changed to matlab toolbox format

bugfix : plot_graph was not working on older versions of matlab under windows.

bugfix to correctly handle multiple subroutines with the same name.

small update to plot_graph

added acknowledgements

Added handling of files without subroutines