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Quadratic Programming Control Allocation Toolbox


Updated 17 Oct 2008

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The Quadratic Programming Control Allocation Toolbox (QCAT) provides MATLAB implementations of a number of algorithms for control allocation based on quadratic programming.

Control allocation deals with distributing a total control demand among an available set of actuators subject to position and rate constraints. Flight control is one important application.

For further information about the toolbox and associated publications, please visit

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very lucid and easily applicable. Thank you

Jianhui Zhi

Thank you very much for your excellent work.

Thank you very much for the great toolbox and for your thesis! Very interesting topic and fascinating topic, even 13 years after publication.

Thank you very much!!! Great work!

Xiwen Yuan

thanks a lot

curryxt ??

Good work and could I learn much from it.

Thanks so much

Sumit Parihar

I was referring to your thesis for control allocation based optimization. Got the information about these m-files from there. Excellent work. Thank you.

Kiumars Jalali

Great job. This is very useful for me.

carlos vinante

very well done and helpfull in my area of interes

Peng He

Thank you very much! I am very interested in your research

Chris Regan

Very thorough documentation and description of control allocation methods. Extremely useful both from a theoretical and practical perspective.


New home page.

Correct version of QCAT 1.2.1 posted.

Bug fix in SLS_ALLOC.

New screenshot image.

News in version 1.2:

* C MEX-implementation of active set solver WLS_ALLOC.
* Interior point solver IP_ALLOC contributed by John Petersen.

... plus minor modifications in most functions. Also tested with Matlab 7.0.

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