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Quadrotor simulation


Updated 02 May 2014

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This is PID controllers based quadrotor simulation.
The dynamics of quadrotor is implemented with [1].
[1] Modelling, Identification and Control
of a Quadrotor Helicopter, Tommaso Bresciani, ISSN 0280-5316
[2] A. Das, K. Subbarao, F. Lewis, "Dynamic inversion with zero-dynamics
stabilisation for quadrotor control"
[3] A. Benallegue, A. Mokhtari and L. Fridman, "High-order sliding-mode observer for a quadrotor UAV"
[4] Travis Dierks, and Sarangapani Jagannathan, "Output Feedback Control of a Quadrotor UAV Using Neural Networks"
[5] Z. Zuo, "Trajectory tracking control design with command-filtered compensation for a quadrotor"

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qi han

Dear Tai-Sik,
I've been downloaded your "QuadRotor_Simulatio​" and run it on MATLAB. It's really a great job, but I have few questions:
1. Why do we need a PI controller to control the DC motor? Isn't that just the actuator? (Although the simulation goes wrong without the PI control and I don't understand).
2. What's the units after the position PID and attitude angle PID controller? Is it the acceleration of attitude angle? That is, what does "z_2dot_d, phi_2dot_d, theta_2dot_d, psi_2dot_d" stand for?
Sorry for my poor English and appreciate your contribution again. Looking forward to your reply!

qi han

Chenyu Zhao

cao kaifa

I want to how can I change PID model, now I try to change it, it shows that you cannot modify this link bacause it is either locked or inside another locked link,thanks in advance!

cao kaifa

good work


That is a great work, thanks so much!
I tried to replace quadrotor by hexarotor but I can not find out suitble PID controllers.
Anyone can help me here?
Thanks in advance!
Link for simulink program:


Salah Nasr



there is something error

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