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2 dimensional discrete cosine Stockwell transform, (DCST2)


Updated 14 Jul 2014

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This archive contains:
1) dcst2.m: this function computes the 2-dimensional discrete cosine Stockwell coefficients of a given 2-dimensional signal, i.e. a picture;
2) idcst2.m: this function reconstruct the original signal from its discrete cosine Stockwell coefficients;
3) dcst2_tutorial.m: it provides an example on how to use the 2-dimensional discrete cosine Stockwell transform to analyze the classical "lena picture".

The DCST2 and IDCST2 are FFT-FAST (O(NlogN)).

More comments on the 2 dimensional S-transform, references and a detailed description of the algorithms used are given as comments in the m-files.

The DCST is, roughly speaking, the DOST in which the FFT is substituted with the DCT.

DCST2 and IDCST2 are based on DCST and IDCST from the same authors.

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