Wind Rose

Graph and table for Direction-Intensity data
Updated 22 Feb 2023

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This function allows to create a Direction-intensity histogram, also known as "Wind Roses". This tool can be used for representing this kind of graphics.
It also returns the data represented in the graph into a data table (double array and cell array that can be directly exported to excel).
Inside the submission and in the project website you will find the documentation with different examples so as to use the tool as needed.
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by Daniel Pereira -
This function was featured in Ned Gulley's post in Matlab blogs on March 19, 2020, Nor’easters and Wind Roses.
Thank you very much Ned for including it in such an interesting article.
Thanks to all users providing feedback and support!
Please, keep giving feedback and suggestions.

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Created with R2022b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Wind_rose

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Version Published Release Notes

Normalization, Logarithmic scale and more.

See full Changelog in project's web page:

Donations are welcome:

Documentation added for Legend position and orientation.
See Changelog in project's web page:

Donations are welcome:

See Changelog in project's web page:

Thanks to all the users and special thanks to José Miguel Jaúregui, Naxya and Clive Holden from Oceanographic Field Services, for their support.

Changed description

Changed description

Added option to show frequencies as in a ruler (thanks to Jacqueline Freire Rigatto for the idea)
Added a space below the title string so it does not interfere with the upper label
Added the variable name into legend type 1 (colorbar)

Donations are welcome:

Added reference to Matlab blogs

Documentation updated

Added option to plot the windrose in the desired position (X,Y) in a plot, combined with scalefactor.
Wind rose radius is now ALWAYS equal to the 'scalefactor' value.
See attached PDF for more information.

Updated Image to fit preview size

Updated image

Corrected the issue with scale factor, which displayed wrong frequency values and wrong radial grid lines.

Changed the way in which labels are read. The order now should be 'North','East','South','West'.
Added options for grid line styles (color, line style and transparency/alpha) both for radial and circular grids.
Added option for variable adial divisio

Corrected histogram count inside function "PivotTableCount", which didn't consider always values greater than the max(vwinds) value.

Added option to create the wind rose graph in specified axes (subplot or previously created axes).
Added script showing how to import data from Excel and exporting results (table + figure) to Excel.
Updated documentation (with links to paragraphs).

Some functionalities addes (specifying the speed ranges in a vector, scaling the wind rose inside the figure, different legends, titles, texts).

Documentation inside submission.

Options to hide/show figure menubar and toolbar
User can specify speed bins colors
Order of the speeds can be reverted
Speed bins can be explicitly defined
Corrected colorbar bug
Options can be passed as cell or structure