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Wind Rose

version (2.94 MB) by Daniel Pereira
Graph and table for Direction-Intensity data


Updated 20 Apr 2021

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This function allows to create a Direction-intensity histogram, also known as "Wind Roses". This tool can be used for representing this kind of graphics.
It also returns the data represented in the graph into a data table (double array and cell array that can be directly exported to excel).
Inside the submission and in the project website you will find the documentation with different examples so as to use the tool as needed.

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by Daniel Pereira -

This function was featured in Ned Gulley's post in Matlab blogs on March 19, 2020, Nor’easters and Wind Roses.
Thank you very much Ned for including it in such an interesting article.

Thanks to all users providing feedback and support!
Please, keep giving feedback and suggestions.

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Daniel Pereira (2021). Wind Rose (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (136)

Sandy Rich

Love the plots and thank you for taking the time to write this function and documentation.
However, I used a small sample data (20 data) and checked the 'count' against my data. I found out that one of my data (speed =1.2, dir=150) fall into a a wrong place (speed=1, dir=150). The automatic speed interval is [0.6,0.8,1,1.2,1.4,1.6,1.8,2,2.2] and direction interval is [0,30,60,90,120,150,180,210,240,270,300,330]. Is there any way to fix this in the script? Thanks

Mario González

Angelica Gilroy


Really nice visualization tool. Thanks a lot!

Mauricio Felga

The speed vector in the example fires/scripts contain negative values!!!!! A speed cannot be negative, specially when you are providing the direction!!

Milton Logothetis

This is very useful and beautiful work. However, I want to add a calm factor in my frequency bins. I.e instead of starting from 0% I want to display frequencies in the rose plot that are > calm% (usually 0.5% calm). This is to remove any invalid data in the plot from inaccurate wind meters when faced with stale winds. Is there any easy way to do that in your package? I haven't found anything related to that in the documentation. Thank you.


My Matlab Can't recognize the function WindRose and WindRandomDistrib.What should I do?

Dawood Mear

it doesnt recognise windrose what should i do?

Suelen Gasparin

This package is really helpful. It is easy to use and modify if necessary. I recommend.

Briana Phillips

How can you change the fontsize of the labels? They are so small relative the big windrose that is created

Freja Hasager

Very nice! I have one question though - how do I add a legend label if I choose the colorbar legend type. It seems LabLegend only works with the box type. Thank you!

Dwaipayan Chatterjee




Carl Jui-chen Tsao

Lindsey Nixon

Does anyone have tips on labeling the circles with the frequency of wind with percentages like most wind roses?

Really a detailed documentation

Pablo Sordo

I got it. I've realized, reading the documentation, I needed to specify my reference anglees. I thought the function took the north 0º and the east 90º by default. Now it works properly. Thank you for the job.

Pablo Sordo

Hi everyone,
Thanks Daniel for the code. I'm making a couple of wind roses with your function. Instead of using the intensity of the wind, I'm using the significant wave height (Hs or Hm0). I've compared the results with an official wave channel and the graphs aren't iqual, they don't even look similar. I think there's an error with the directions. I have analyzed the data I entered in the function and the result don't make sense. I've been trying to fix it but, unluckily, I don't have enough experience working with matlab. Could you check it?
Apart from this, the graph is very clear and attractive.

Daniel Pereira

Updates to solve most of the questions posted since 2015:

1) Subplots: See the PDF documentation, page 42. Use 'axes',axeshandle. This has been there since third version I uploaded.
2) Scale factor error, both in labelling and final figure scaling. Please recheck with the latest version. These issues were fixed in 2020 versions.
3) Using any number of direction labels (usually 8 or 16): See the PDF documentation pages 37-39. 'labels',{'N','NE','E','SE','S','SW','W,'NW'}.
4) Directions. You can use whatever convention you need. Your data may represent the direction it is coming from or going to, it is up tou you. Angles, by default use trigonometric convention, but you can set your reference using 'anglenorth',0,'angleeast',90 or any other. See the PDF documentation page 7.
5) Negative values. Negative values are allowed now, using 'zeroAndNegative',true. See the PDF documentation page 23.
6) Plotting the windrose in a specific position: See the PDF documentation pages 46 and 47.
7) Save image: This can be done with matlab commands. I reccomend using export_fig (
8) Radial divisions: Radial divisions can be changed to whatever number or format. Use 'radialGridNumber' (page 19 of the documentation) or change the style of the division grid (page 40 and 41 of the documentation).

Pending tasks: Absolute and normalized frequencies.

Daniel Pereira

In oder to remove grids, use the following option:

If you want the maximum frequency circle to appear, use:
(gridalpha does not apply to the external circle).

Thank for the update.
I would like to know how to turn off the axis in the wind rose plot.I am looking for just the colored figure with no grids and no axis.It would be great if someone could help on this.

Daniel Pereira

Hi everyone.

Thank you for all the feedback. I haven't been able to develop many of the improvements required during long time, but I finally managed to publish this version, which contains extra features, rather than error correction.
I will try to fix some of the remaining errors and add some feature like the possibility of plotting multiple wind roses at different positions in the same axes.

In case of doubt, check the documentation (PDF) provided algon with the code. It solves many of the frequently asked questions, such as the subplot issues!

hi everyone

I would like to plot multiple wind roses in single plot at different x and y positions.
Someone help me


Gabriel Ruiz

Huy Ninh

rahmadimi perkasa

Thanks, daniel for code
I have some problem with labels can I change the label in windrose become 16 direction like (N, NNW, NW, WNW, W, etc)

sachin kumar

Very good code! Thanks for that! I am only having trouble finding how can I use subplots with this function... Anyone knows how to do it? Thanks in advance!

hernan cuenca

Hola , necesito ayuda, no puedo guardar la imagen con una variable dentro.que hago??

ramin faraji


Koushikh K

Is it possible to plot 2 wind roses with subplot using this function?


There is something wrong with 'scalefactor'. When 'scalefactor' is not 1, the frequence is wrong.
Be careful !

Danillo Matos

This code is great, 100% of the people I read complaining in the reviews should simply READ the pdf document that the author published. Gracias, Daniel.


Works flawlessly, thank you very much!

Camille Couzi

Hi! Currently the windrose has 12 angular subdivisions (ie one angle every 30degrees). I actually want to show N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE (8 directions).
How can I do this?

Camille Couzi

Hi Daniel,
thanks so much for your function. I only have one question: In my windspeed colorbar i would like to force one color for every 0.5m/s. Currently all you can do is set a number of speeds in the option nspeeds. How can i set a step instead of a number of speeds?


hello, I am new to this Matlab, so it quite hard for me to master the script. I tried to run the script with my own data but it seems that it has problem shown as below:

Error using xlsread (line 247)
Worksheet 'Data' not found.

Error in ExcelImportExport (line 20)
[data] = xlsread(ExcelName,'Data');

Can anyone help me, because this I have to used this script to complete my degree final year project. Thank you very much..

Siyuan Wu

when u use the scalefactor function the frequency label will goes wrong,one could to annotation the ’scalefactor‘ from line 320 to 348,and just stay with the two lines
xlim(axs,[-radiusmax radiusmax]/scalefactor);
ylim(axs,[-radiusmax radiusmax]/scalefactor);
so one could use the scalefactor function...........wish to save someones time..

Carlos Soriano

Íñigo Albar

Lovely. Great work!

Mariana Aguirre

Eddy Kwoh

Thank you for the function! However, may I seek your assistance in enlarging the figure window? I tried to call out the figure and enlarge it using set(gcbo) but to no avail...

Thomas Kilpatrick

Thanks for the function! One bug I found is that if I use scalefactor, the patches do not scale accordingly.

hernan barcelona

Thanks for the code and the tutorial!

Julian Klaaßen

Wilson Meireles

Daniela Palma

Megan Metcalfe

Thanks for this!

if anyone else is looking for a way to change the font size of the frequency labels and the cardinal points go into the code and add a variable to the functions FrequecyLabels and CardinalLabels (called on line 346 and 347 written on lines 438,444,448:451 just add 'FontSize', 11 to the text line (or what ever size you want)

Lucas Marinho

Daniel Galvao

Many thanks friend!
Congratulations on your incredible work !!

saeed Ahmadian

thanks man really saved my life

Xia Qi

Thanks for sharing. Nice

Mariam Maazi



This is an excellent tool. One quick question... when seeking to compare wind roses of two different time periods (say a 3 month period vs. a 12 month one), the fact frequency is in percent for the rose prevents proper comparison. Is it easy to tweak so roses can be created in absolute frequencies too?



Worked just great with my data. Easy to figure out through the excellent documentation.

Teresa Rotava

It's a great Job! I'm just having problems with these codes because I want to plot just the negative values of temperature stability according to the wind direction. And it isn't working. Could you help me?

Mike Franklin

Close to 5 stars - it looks like your plots are flipped and rotated from your data. Was able to get the graph to looking right by doing projecting mod(-Direction - 270, 360).

qingbin meng

John McDowell

Michael Darmanis

Mark Miller

Excellent Function an exceptional documentation.

Abby Kenyon

EXCELLENT Documentation. Easy to read which makes a very easy and useful tool. Thank you for providing any mod I may need!

Coaxial Fire

Thankssssss Daniel Pereira <3


Excellen tool! The meteological representation is possible if you set the options "anglenorth" in zero and angleeast in 90. Thank you Daniel!


Excellent tool!

Otília Megyeri

Hello, could someone help me, please, how this code plot wind direction? Is it the mathematical vector or the meteorological winddirection (flags)? I suppose these are the vectors but I am not sure. Thank you in advance for your help!!

Fyre Cheng

A great help. Nice function. Thks.

Dianne Deauna

Excellent code! I wanted to verify that this represents the meteorological convention right (ie, direction where the wind is coming from)? But the comment from Tony Fong is making me think that maybe the plotting needs to be shifted by 90 degrees clockwise. Did I interpret his question correctly though? Thanks!

Tony Fong

Note, there is a bug in this. The North, South, East and West positions are incorrect. Matlab has its standard axis with zero in the 3 o'clock position and the axis run anit clock wise. For the rose as this plots they would need to be adjusted to be at the 12 o'clock and running clock wise.

As a result this functions lettered axis are 'positionally' wrong and going the wrong direction.

Great otherwise.

Chris Sherwood

Nice job!

Brian Scannell

Very nice function. I have managed to set the font size for the title and the legend, but want to set it for the cardinal points and the frequency marks as well, however I can't find the relevant item in the returned figure handle - can anyone post me in the right direction please? Thanks.




This is an awesome tool! Super useful! VERY well documented and very flexible. The one thing that I would LOVE to do is plot a single wind vector on top of the wind rose. For example, if I make a wind rose for a site based on data over 10 years, and then want to demonstrate how a particular event compares, I would like to have an line out from the center in that direction with something (length/color/weight/?) to represent wind speed of that particular event/time.

Regardless, thanks for building such an awesome tool, sincerely!

Zijiang Yang



mars yang

june huang


Panagiotis Zoumpoulis

An excellent tool. Just a detail, on my rose there seems to be a thin blue line parallel to the ENE direction. I can't seem to make it disappear.... Is there any option for it? It does not ruin the graph, it is just a little bit annoying

Ibnu Azies

Nice works, Tks.

Natalie Zielinski

How would I convert to cm/s?

Changwoong Shin

Thurian Le Dû

Virginia Genre

Great function!
Thank you.
I just added two things in order to have a particular graph, but it is perfect!!


Oanh Bui

Tùng Dào



Jehad Dow

شكرا لكم

Jehad Dow

شكرا لكم

Chinh Lieou

Very cool function. I would suggest another attribute is rounding the numbers of the legend.

Fangyu Zeng


Jesper Kamp Jensen

Super nice function!!

I would like to use this function to plot fluxes and wind directions, but the fluxes have negative values.

Is there a smart/easy way to get the negative values on, just with other colors?

patrik bustos



Thank you , it was very helpful.
however, my using for this function show me two errors i think u can update
1-there is a little problem, when you associate the legendtype '1' with Label Legend. The laster doesn't show up after execute the function.
2-The FreqLabel Angle is not updated if you change the reference.
But still, it was very helpful for me, thank you again.

Tim O

Any idea why the Figure window might be coming up blank?


I want to create a figure with a few subplots of wind roses comparing wind profiles from different sites. I therefore only need to show the legend for one of the subplots and want to hide it for the others since it would be redundant and consume space. How do I do that? Thanks!


E. Cheynet


Very useful code, thank you! Can you provide an example where 2 or more wind roses are plotted in the same figure? so the center of the first to be located at (x1,y1) and the second at (x2,y2). I tried to handle the axes but without success.


excellent! very helpful :). Thank you

Mark Morehead

Excellent contribution. This completely solved my needing a wind rose function. The options (shown in detail in the documentation mfile) allow you to customize the rose how you like it and fit my needs.


Far too complicated.

Liliana V

Daniel Thank very much for your contribution, what a nice tool! I have looked for a tool like this for a long time... and finally I found it!!

The examples and good documentation make it very user friendly, I am sure I will use it a lot for wave roses.


Nice function. By the way, could it plot wind rose with normalized intensities?



A tour de force! So many options and all explained or illustrated with examples. One small tweak to reduce a bit of clutter would be to have the '%' label, as distinct from the numerals, only appearing at the outermost freqency ring.

Daniel Pereira

Hello everyone!

I've included for this submission three important things:
1) Creating Wind roses in subplot or existing axes.
2) Included a script to show how to import/export from/to Excel.
3) Updated documentation explaining all the capabilities.

Please, refer to the documentation in order to make use of this tool. In case you need help, do not hesitate to contact me at


How to input excel sheet into this program to get the output.

Jaime Legeren

Juyeol Yun

Seb Biass

Cool code!
Is it possible to plot the wind rose into existing axes?




i like using this function for image file, how to parameter it??
please help!!!


Very comprehensive. An extra feature I'd like - but maybe I've missed it - is to use a vector to set the edges of bins, rather than relying on a scalar for nbins.

It's a great contribution: I'm using it a lot currently.


Thanks for a great function.

However, I think there might be a bug. I'm not sure as I haven't had time to investigate it properly but it seems to me that an incorrect subset wind directions is selected when removing calm winds.

At row nr. 176:
speed = speed(speed>0);
dir = dir(speed>0);

should be:
dir = dir(speed>0);
speed = speed(speed>0);



Tomi tmy

Hi, great program it is very helpful!!!! But I have a problem the percentages don't show up in the figure how can I fix it ?


Is there an easy way to have the wind roses on subplots? If I want to compare wind roses at different times of day or at different stations, say. thanks. It's a nice program.

Rosa Mphasha


I get the errors below in matlab, I tried fixing it multiple of times. Please help me. I need the labels.

Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "W_S \geq 30"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "25 \leq W_S < 30"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "20 \leq W_S < 25"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "15 \leq W_S < 20"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "10 \leq W_S < 15"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "5 \leq W_S < 10"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "0 \leq W_S < 5"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "0.8%"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "1.6%"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "2.4%"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "3.2%"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "4%"
Warning: Unable to interpret LaTeX string "0%"

Daniel Pereira

Thank you Frank, I'm glad it was useful for you.

Frank Engel

Daniel: Excellent contribution, and well documented. It was a breeze to adapt your submission to my customized use (testing GPS Compass Headings).


Daniel Pereira

Update released including NOTC, Amin and Danny's comments.

Thank you everyone for commenting.

Daniel Pereira

NOTC, Amin,

to save the plot you can use



If you want the toolbar and the menubar to appear, just look for this code:


and remove it.

I am working in a new version, so you can specify if you want to show menubar and toolbar (defalut will be on).

Daniel Pereira

Thanks Danny.

I will add this feature for a future release.

Meanwhile, you can change the colors used adding your colormap matrix manually on line 266, replacing

color = interp1(linspace(1,length(vwinds),256),color,1:length(vwinds));

With the colormap matrix you want.

Danny McLaughlin

Top class bit of code. One small addition I found was very useful: allowing the user to specify a vector for the axis for the speeds (ie colours) instead of just a number. Highly structured and well-documented code.


how to save the plot?


Although I have a problem with saving the figure. Why isn't it just in normal figure window?

Daniel Pereira

Thank you Josué and Warwick!

If any user needs any other functionality that is not currently included, do no heistate to ask me to implement it.



Very good function: clear, simple to use, great design. No problems with the angle definition (trigonometric or meteorological)

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