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Arduino MATLAB Process Control Lab

version (630 KB) by John Hedengren
Benchtop process control experiment with PID controller to maintain temperature of a thermistor.


Updated 01 Dec 2014

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This lab is an application of feedback control for temperature control. In particular, this lab teaches:
The difference between manual and automatic control
Step tests to generate dynamic data
Fitting dynamic data to build a simple First Order Plus Deadtime (FOPDT) model
Obtaining parameters for a PID control from standard tuning rules
Tuning the PID controller to improve performance
Stability analysis
Dynamic modeling with first principles
Dynamic data reconciliation
Model Predictive Control

Additional information is available at the following link:

This lab is featured in the Dec 2014 issue of CACHE (Compter Aids in Chemical Engineering) News. Below is a link to the article with information on modifications to improve student experience.

We're interested in continuing to improve the lab experience. Please contact me at for suggestions or comments.

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Suthakaran, check out this page for more information on connecting MATLAB / Arduino:

how to connect arduino plus matlab pls give correct information or any link for me i'm very confused


Updated MATLAB interface GUI. Automatically detects COM port.

Added image of Arduino board

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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