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Object Height and Width Measure

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Height and width pixel count of Object like hand


Updated 11 Oct 2019

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For all classifier needs feature from classification object .Here the program for height and width feature taken from hand image.This program suitable for any single object in the image.
%gray_img : input hand image or any measure image like 2d with 0 to 255
%height : pixel count of height
%width : pixel count of width
%out_img : segmented image with line for height and width
% hand_height_width function implements hand height and width of the image
% using the method outlined in:
% calculate the hand height and width value for gray image. In Proceedings of the Information Sciences 275 (2014) 45–56.
% Hand shape identification on multirange images.
% [ height width out_img ] = hand_height_width ( gray_img ) function is to find the hand height and width value of the image.
% The input is given to the gray scale image.

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Comments and Ratings (7)

Nokhaiz Ali

code take too much time to show results

Anirudh Thatipelli

Thanks for sharing your code. It was of great help to me.


Anand g

This is raw code(use minimum inbuilt library), so you can run R2010a or any above R2010a by click the test.m

Shankar Sutar

How to run this project in Matlab 2014a?

Husanjon Ergashev

very good, thank you


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