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ILU(k) Preconditioner

version (8.73 KB) by Killian Miller
Computes an ILU factorization with fill level k for general sparse matrices.


Updated 14 Mar 2015

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This function computes the LU factors of an incomplete LU factorization with fill level k of a square sparse matrix A. Matlab's ilu function offers ILU(0) and ILU with threshold based dropping strategies, but does not offer ILU(k) with general fill level k. The code is implemented as a C++ MEX-file and has been optimized for speed while at the same time trying to minimize memory usage. Please note that for an ilu(0) factorization Matlab's built-in ilu function should be used as it has been optimized for this case and will be faster.
1. Saad, Y., Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems, SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 2nd Edition, 2003.
2. Dong, X. and Cooperman, G., Task-Oriented Parallel ILU(k) Preconditioning on Computer Cluster and Multi-core Machine, Preprint, arXiv:0803.0048 [cs.DC], 2011.

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Guillermo Aparicio


naeem akhtar

naeem akhtar

please can anybody tell me, do i need to install c complier before running this code. I have installed MinGW64 Compiler for my matlab. But unfortunately the error is getting out error: Undefined function or variable 'iluk_Cmex'.

liang chen

Asatur Khurshudyan

How can this be used to implement BDDC preconditioner?

Aleksandar Haber

Works great! I am using it to compute the ILU(p) preconditioners for the GMRES and BICG methods. Best Regards, Aleksandar Haber

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