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BertiniLab is a MATLAB interface for Bertini, a general-purpose solver for systems of polynomial equations. Bertini can find isolated solutions and positive-dimensional solutions using homotopy continuation. The systems can be underdetermined, exactly determined or overdetermined. Bertini uses adaptive multiprecision and provides endgames to accurately compute singular roots. It also has efficient parameter continuation methods for families of systems that are related by one or more parameters.
BertiniLab is a MATLAB interface that supports all features of Bertini version 1.4. The user can define a system of equations in several ways. They can write the equations as strings. They can create them as a Symbolic Toolbox array; if the user does not have this toolbox, a class POLYSYM is provided that emulates some of its features. The equations can also be generated using a MATLAB function, and matrix algebra is supported. The interface makes it easy to retrieve solutions, and BertiniLab can be tailored to specific applications by subclassing it.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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