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Magic Formula Parameter Visualization and Tire Model Fitting GUI


Updated 26 Aug 2015

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MF_Tire_GUI helps to visualise what significance each Magic Formula parameter has on the tire longitudinal Force vs Slip Ratio curve. The GUI is capable of visualising the following versions of Magic Formula tire models:
* Pacejka 92 (MF 5.2)
*Pacejka 1996
Aditionally,MF_Tire_GUI can now be used to fit Tire Models. At the moment The fitting feaure is only available for MF v5.2. This GUI uses 'fminsearch' optimization function which requires no fancy toolboxes to be installed. I am waiting for your feedback.
Note: A breif tutorial for Tire_Fitter is also included in the download.

The following websites inspired me to create a GUI

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Chandramouli Gnanasambandham (2020). MF_Tire_GUI (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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good work!


nice work

Marco Furlan

Hi, I have recently uploaded the complete set of Magic Formula 6.1 equations to Mathworks File Exchange.
Maybe you can use my toolbox (MFeval) to include more tire models.

Link below:

Hope it helps

Nice work!


I stand corrected,

you computation is correct. You should have commented the trick you use


Your have major error in the computation Ex in MF1996_LongForce_calc.m function


Added Tire Fitting Feature. At the moment The fitting feaure is only available for MF v5.2.

V1.1 Fixed some bugs. Clears axes when changing tire models

*removed a spelling mistake on the description

*Fixed some bugs (File name errors)

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