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to generate 16 combination of 1 and -1

version (1.06 KB) by vikrant chib
16 different combination of 1 and -1


Updated 05 Mar 2015

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16 different combination of 1 and -1

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John D'Errico

Wow. This is seriously bad, convoluted code, to do what can be done in one short line.

2*(dec2bin(0:15) - '0')'-1

As Stephen points out, no help. Essentially no comments. No clue. I had to laugh at one of the very few comments in the entire code...

%while (count<=j-1)

Yep. Not a comment at all, just some deadwood from when the author was writing the code.

No help, no comments, no explanation, no examples, no description, no clue as to what this code actually does.

Poor MATLAB code: multiple loops with if and break statements, which is just calling out to be vectorized:

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Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: MatScat, SnagIt

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