Solve the scattering of electromagnetic radiation by a sphere or multiple cylinders.
Updated 4 Jan 2016

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MatScat is a MATLAB package which contains different solutions for the
scattering of electromagnetic radiation by a sphere (Mie theory) or an
infinite circular cylinder. Most of the code has been developed during my PhD
work [3]. The multiple cylinder near field solution has been implemented
afterwards and has been presented in a seperate publication [4].
Make sure that the root folder and the folders '/bessel', '/expcoeff' and
'/util' are in the Matlab-Path. The files in '/test' can be run to check if
everything works fine.

The functions to start the calculation can be found in the root folder.
These are:

calccyl.m - calculate the far field solution for a single (stratified) cylinder
calccyl_nf.m - calculate the near field solution for a single (stratified) cylinder
calccyl_multi.m - calculate the far field solution for multiple cylinders
calccyl_multi_nf.m - calculate the near field solution for multiple cylinders
calcmie.m - calculate the far field solution for a single (stratified) sphere
calcmie_nf.m - calculate the near field solution for a single (stratified) sphere


If you use these functions in your research work please cite my work [3,4].
Please also cite the theoretical work underlying my implementation which is:
calccyl, calccyl_nf, calcmie and calcmie_nf are implemented based on [1].
calccyl_multi and calccyl_multi_nf are implemented based on [2,4].
The stratified cylinder/sphere solution is implemented based on [1,5].

[1] Bohren, C. F. and Huffman, D. R., Absorption and scattering of light by
small particles, Wiley-Interscience, New York, 1998.

[2] Lee, S.-C., Dependent scattering of an obliquely incident plane wave by a
collection of parallel cylinders. J. Appl. Phys. 68(10), 1990.

[3] Schäfer, J.-P.,Implementierung und Anwendung analytischer und numerischer
Verfahren zur Lösung der Maxwellgleichungen für die Untersuchung der
Lichtausbreitung in biologischem Gewebe, PhD thesis, Univerität Ulm, 2011,

[4] Schäfer, J. and Lee, S.-C. and Kienle, A,, Calculation of the near
fields for the scattering of electromagnetic waves by multiple infinite
cylinders at perpendicular incidence, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Trans.
113(16), 2012.

[5] Kerker, M., The scattering of light and other electromagnetic
radiation, Academic Press, 1969

If you have questions or remarks about the MatScat package or if you find any
bugs in the code please send an email to jan.schaefer(at)

Take a look at my website at

Have fun!

Copyright 2012 Jan Schäfer, Institut für Lasertechnologien (ILM)
Author: Jan Schäfer (jan.patrick.schaefer(at)
Organization: Institut für Lasertechnologien in der Medizin und Meßtechnik an
der Universität Ulm (

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Version Published Release Notes

edited contact information
changed contact information, added website
- dependency on Wavelet Toolbox removed
- adapted for MATLAB R2012b

Near and far field solutions for n-layered (stratified, coated) particles (single cylinder and sphere) added.

Error in asmmie.m for calculation of cross sections corrected.
Test case from Bohren book added in test_calccyl.m