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Shape Model Builder

version (5.35 MB) by Manu
Framework to develop shape models


Updated 09 Mar 2015

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Framework to develop shape models. Allignment is performed with exclusion
for outliers at the 0.05 level
SVD decomposition was based on previous work by Drik Jan Kroon
Files and usage

Main file to construct the shape model
To plot a specific shape vector +3 SD , mean and - 3SD
Fits a new data set in the model, RMS error and fitted estimate as well as estimated modes of variation are provided

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Manu (2021). Shape Model Builder (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hans Dunning

Hi Manu,

I was wondering if you perhaps answered the question of Gale privately? I am also curious as to how you fit the shape towards the model or vice versa. Do you simply take the closestpoint or do you establish a correspondance point?

Kind regards,


Gale Dewo

Dear Emmanuel,

I am Gale Dewo from TU Delft. We are currently working with your 'Shape model builder' MATLAB code. I have made a SSM from 40 models surface registrations of upper limb amputee.

Your code resulted in average surface, eigen values, eigen vectors, ssm vector and PC modes. The SSMfitter is also works nicely to fit a new target, although I think I needed more training input to represent more hands.

I wonder how does your SSMfitter.m works to change the weight of the principal components. I think it does automatically in ICP_manualignSSM.m changing parameters and trying to reduce the overall error but I am not sure. It would be nice if you can explain the principle work of changing the PC weights in the iteration behind, and how do you define the error between SSM and the new target, and which code is running it.

We wanted to cite your work, you wrote about published a paper so it would be nice to see your paper and we can refer our work to yours.




Hi Juliet, you can contact me at

juliet win

excellent works!can you tell me your email? and I want to know how to prepare the EXAMPLE1.mat? what's the meanning of F Fdata, V, Xfemur?


And how exactly does it work?

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Compatible with any release
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