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version (21.9 KB) by Volkan Kirdar
Btc-e, Bitfinex,, Huobi, Bitstamp, GDAX, Bittrex exchange api for Matlab.


Updated 01 Apr 2018

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This is a tool for my finance project in Engineering Management. Matlab api for exchange in Btc-e, Bitfinex, and does public requests for Huobi and Bitstamp. Authenticated functions will be added to Huobi and Bitstamp and may include some other servers in the future updates. Inspired by "wout" and "Jim Hokanson". Enjoy and feel free to donate bitcoin: 1PkY2H2LbBMqjqYeDkAB5vT4JSiNvoREyU

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Volkan Kirdar (2021). woulgar/tradesman (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (20)

Marco Fajardo

Is anyone working on api_binance?
I can't connect matlab with binance.

Hlynur Björnsson

Is anyone working on Kraken api,

Math Ya

will i still get 0.015BTC if i solve binance api athen problem here?

Jonathan Szymanski


Martin Aksel

can any one help with api_binance please,
Here is the code, I dont know wy it is not working!

% code to get for example the acount info

queryString=['timestamp=' binanceServerTime(1000)];
Signature = crypto(queryString, secret, 'HmacSHA256');


% post-parameters
postparams=['X-MBX-APIKEY=' key '&signature=' char(Signature)];

[response,status] = urlread2(url,'POST',postparams,header)

value: 404
msg: 'Not Found'

Punnag Chatterjee

Can you please show an example of how to get real time ticker data for say LTC-USD pair from GDAX?

junhwan kwon


The current GDAX authentication sends an "invalid signature". I have had this same issue using the method in your code. Any fix yet? I have been unable to get past this issue in my own code.

Stefan van der Pol

Do you also have this for Binance?

Lingxin Lan

Nelson Helasque

Frantz Miller

0.015 BTC for complete Kraken, Binance or GDAX. 0.027 for two, 0.04 for three.


Shaik Ahmad

Can someone please tell me about this function in simple words.

Thank you.


Thanks a lot!
Anyone who manage to access Kraken API with matlab?

Marco Wu

Any one knows where I can find code to talk to GDAX?


Code looks pretty sweet and works great! Only at the beginnning I got an "invalid signature" message when I try to use my API keys for the private part of bitstamp...

After a couple of hours I found the problem, the generated signature is created with lower case letters while it needs upper case. So by adding upper(char(signature)) the whole thing worked.


Hlynur Björnsson

For some reason I always get {"error": "Invalid nonce"} when I use the buy, sell and cancel order functions via Bitstamp. All the other functions on Bitstamp work

Anyone else have this problem?

Andrea Libri


Works just as it should be. Also fast and promt answers from the author during the further development. Thanks for sharing a powerful tool!

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Inspired by: urlread2, BTC-e trade api

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