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version 1.52 (117 KB) by Charles Karney
MATLAB implementations of a subset of the C++ library, GeographicLib


Updated 20 Jun 2021

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GeographicLib toolbox
Version 1.52 2021-06-20
This toolbox provides native MATLAB implementations of a subset of the
C++ library, GeographicLib. Key components of this toolbox are
* Geodesics: direct, inverse, area calculations.
* Projections: transverse Mercator, polar stereographic, etc.
* Grid systems: UTM, UPS, MGRS.
* Geoid lookup: EGM84, EGM96, EGM2008 geoids supported.
* Geometric transformations: geocentric, local cartesian.
* Great ellipses: direct, inverse, area calculations.
There is some overlap between this toolbox and MATLAB's Mapping
Toolbox. However, this toolbox offers:
* better accuracy;
* treatment of oblate and prolate ellipsoids;
* guaranteed convergence for geoddistance;
* calculation of area and differential properties of geodesics;
* ellipsoidal versions of the equidistant azimuthal and gnomonic
Subsets of this package were previously released as:
Geodesics on an ellipsoid of revolution (deprecated)
Geodesic projections for an ellipsoid (withdrawn)
Great ellipses (withdrawn)
Including all of the functionality in a single toolbox allows easier
sharing of code (via a common private directory).
Extensive documentation on the C++ library is available at
Geoid lookup requires the installation of one or more geoid models.
Instructions for this are given in
A change log for this package is available at

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Charles Karney (2022). geographiclib (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Karney, Charles F. F. “Algorithms for Geodesics.” Journal of Geodesy, vol. 87, no. 1, Springer Science and Business Media LLC, June 2012, pp. 43–55, doi:10.1007/s00190-012-0578-z.

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