Super tiny IMU Orientation Visualizer

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A story of how an airplane passengers' lives were saved with these codes.
Updated 11 Oct 2016

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This tiny, powerful Matlab program visualize 6DOF IMU orientation.
The light weight GUI covers two essential components of IMU Orientation Visualization, 3D visualization and 2D plotting.
3D panel:
Red box translates the current raw readings from IMU, it responses super fast even to noise.
About noise and Blue Box:
Such noise, which is not acceptable, corrupts data consistency and may lead to system failure if it is passed to control systems. Imagine this IMU is used on an airplane and suddenly it got a big roll reading, saying that your plane is upside down. Then the plane control system signals the ailerons to do crazy maneuvers to save the day, such false positive is crazy. By applying a tiny digital filter, the result is shown by the blue box right on top, we save the passengers.
2D plotting:
This plot is quite self explanatory, regarding 6DOF readings from IMU.
Easy codes:
Even better thing happens is that all codes was written with minimum amount of build-in functions, making it super easy to understand.
This open source codes solves theses puzzles:
1.How to receive and parse data from serial port?
2.If I want multiple variables to be sent from serial port, what format of data should I use?
3.How to plot and update data in real time.
4.How to draw 3D objects and rotate in real time.
5.How to connect these things with GUI.

For firmware codes on STM32 board, check this out:!gNx11Y4L!Qsk6tCyOjVJbbYrhFXyergC27Mvtc8VXurZfpHJETkE


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