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Word Data Visualisation

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Makes word clouds and semantic surface visualisations from a set of documents.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This application takes text data from multiple sources, and visualises that data in a way which shows how the words and documents are related.
It was originally designed to analyse conference papers, but can also be used for books, articles, blogs, reviews... basically anything that's text!
There are 2 ways you can visualise data with this app:
1) Word Cloud:The size of the word indicates how much it appears across all the documents.
Words are grouped into clusters according to how frequently they are mentioned together.

2) Semantic Surface Scatter plot showing each separate document as a point in a 3D space.
Documents that are close to each other in the plot are similar to each other. This gives you a view of how the documents are related in the project. Clicking on a point will show the document title.

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Comments and Ratings (17)

Turlough Hughes

Nice! :)


Big problem: The pdftotext function is integrated with xpdf.exe, which contains a lot of other functions.

You might want to update the external app in the bundle

Christopher Gundlach

Sean de Wolski

@Mark C, The new Text Analytics Toolbox has these capabilities.

Mark C

This is great! I'd like to understand why I can't generate a "Semantics Surface Scatter Plot" and how to perhaps get a statistical summary of the word count in the documents. Is this available?

Andreas Brand

this doesn't seem to work/install on either r2017a nor r2017b. I can wait for minutes and when I want to quit matlab it tells me that it is busy...but nothing happens no matter how long I wait :-(

What am I doing wrong here?

Brian Hannan

Chintan Joshi

Totally love it! Thanks! :)

Phasit Charoenkwan

I want to make a citation for your work in my publication. Any suggestion ?


@Benjamin: I'm glad you like the app, but I'm not sure what you're asking for here? What table?

The source code is freely available on the project's github page here:

There is a more detailed description of how the data analysis algorithms work here too.

Is that what you're looking for?

Benjamin Bourguignat

it is awesome ;)
I just need to know how to enter in the code because I want to extract the table.
thank you

Gareth Thomas

This is simply AWESOME!!! Thanks for making this happen.

Luigia Ambrosio

Excellent, what I was looking for! I created several files with my favourite songs lyrics and now I have a beautiful marvelous cover image on facebook!

Bob Spunt

Sebastian Gross

Ran the code to prepare for SEFI conference. People loved the outputs.

Bob Spunt

Looks powerful, but in MATLAB 2015a (Mac OS X) running on 2560 x 1440 display most text in uicontrols is too small to read, and the main GUI window position is not wide enough to contain the rightmost uicontrols (e.g, the pushbutton to the right of "Select File" is mostly cutoff). Should be an easy update to implement. Otherwise looks great, thanks!

Joachim Schlosser

Works like a charm. Used at SEFI Conference 2015 and (in an earlier version) at SEFI Conference 2014.

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