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Suspension Bridge Picking Algorithm (SBPx)

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The SBPx algorithm estimates the onset of impulsive signals in time series data


Updated 06 Jul 2015

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SBPx.m is a function that estimates the onset of impulsive signals, e.g. earthquake recordings. The algorithm computes a simple STA/LTA pick as a rough initial estimate and then evaluates candidate picks around the initial estimate by optimising a ratio of integrated weighted amplitudes from before and after the candidate pick. A more detailed description can be found in the file SBPx_description.pdf.
The function call_SBPx_picker.m shows an animation of what the algorithm does with an example waveform.

The algorithm is called Suspension Bridge Picker (SBPx) because the weighting function resembles a pillar of a suspension bridge.

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FeedMeImATroll (2021). Suspension Bridge Picking Algorithm (SBPx) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Januka Attanayake

I am getting the following error and not quite sure how to fix it. For now, I've commented out lines with the delete function, which only affects plotting. Apart from this, the algorithm works quite well! Thanks!

No method 'delete' with matching signature found for class

Error in SBPx (line 326)

Error in A01_denoise_pick (line 80)
[ppxIdx,snr,ha,ax] =

Jiawei Lee

It's greatful!

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