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Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)

version (18.2 KB) by Yarpiz
MATLAB implementation of ACO for Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization Problems


Updated 04 Sep 2015

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can you provide me the code for capacitor placement cost optimization using ACO?
please mail it to me.

sai ram

could someone help me with ant conlony optimization for virtual machine placement


Could someone please help me with introducing ACO in portfolio optimization?

Please. can someone help me with the parallel code of ACO using master/slave strategy?


how can I use ACO code for hidden Markov model .please send me on

how i can use ant colony optimization code for Fractional order PID controller for AVR system for tuning.please send me on manjushamasih@

how I cab use the ant colony optiomization to find the MPPT of solar PV system

Hi, can I get the ACO code to solve Vehicle Routing Problem?
Please send me on

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

How can i get the ACO to solve the capacitor allocation problem?
send me

send me !

Hariharan R

And my mail address is
Thank you

waseem khan

I need SOURCE code aco compare GA then aco better result in tsp using Matlab my email

anu beri

can anyone tell me that what is the meaning of best cost used in this ACO code??

hong zhao

Can anyone help me that how to write an ant colony optimization code in Matlab for a multi-variable (number of solar panel and battery) but single objective (cost) problem??? It is badly needed now. Please send it to me (mail id is


anyone can you help me???? how can i write a ant colony optimization program for parallel flow heat exchanger using matlab. i taken input parameters like mass flow rate,heat flow and cold and hot flow in and out temperatures if you found programme immediatly send me to


Hi, how can i use this optimization for Treccanni function can anyone help me

Hi, any one can please provide matlab code for solving a quadratic minimization objective function like x^2-3x-4 = 0 or (x-4)^2 - (x-5)^2 using ANT COLONY OPTIMIZATION. inbox please

Al Husein

Can You Prediction About this Metodh , I Will try analisis Optimization power flow in system ieee 26 bus with Aco Metodh in matlab .

mybe can or not . how present i can finish this analisys . thank you guys

Husein - INA
Email :

can u plz mail me...on

Roy Nentui

How can I apply mathlab to solve ant colony algorithm to solve nonlinear network flow problems?

Hey. How can I apply your method to find the global minimum of a function (y=x1+x2 for example) using as input rand x1,x2 inputs. With constraints for x1, x2 (lb = [0,0]; ub = [1,2];). Please write to me on e-mail. I will be very grateful.

Hello,I need ACO code for flexible job shop scheduling.Please mail me the code with input files in

hello, i have a doubt in your code. where i enter my image path in your code.

Would you like to tell me how to use this program?
Please, I need your help
Email :

mouna sola

I want to make a variation on the number of cities and the number of formis.
How to do this program
Please, who can help me

Please I need continuous orthogonal ant colony optimization source code for minimization in matlab. Email me on

how can i use ACO for error minimization

In ACO for TSP code, How can i give start and target node?

can you plz send me the ACO in VANET for finding number of clusters


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YPEA103 Ant Colony Optimization/01 ACO for TSP/

YPEA103 Ant Colony Optimization/02 ACO for QAP/

YPEA103 Ant Colony Optimization/03 ACO for Binary Knapsack Problem/