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Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) in MATLAB

version (5.9 KB) by Yarpiz
A structured implementation of Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) in MATLAB


Updated 11 Sep 2015

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hi all.....
i am finding difficulty in implementating the abc algorithm for reducing the papr , ber and power spectral density of mimo ofdm systems can any one help me out in this implementation . my mail id abdul.abdulazeez@gmail,com

Sharada NS

Hello, could someone help in using ABC algorithm for optimization of orthogonal polyphase waveform for MIMO radar. Finding difficulty in mapping the parameters. mail id: Thanks in advance!

Beh Poi Keat

hello, i want to minimize fitness function with 2 variable that have certain boundaries (up and low) using ABC optimization method. What changes shoud I do to the code? (my mail is Thank you !!


hi.... can any one help in using ABC for implementing PAPR Reduction in mimo ofdm and BER , if yes mail me . my mail id is

naresh khurana


Can I use this code for data classification? If yes, kindly help me in this regard. My email ID is

Inuwa Inuwa

Hi, could someone help me with the code of optimal placement and size of capacitor in distribution system, using ABC is

Keneth Mahundo



Can u plz explain it by making tutorial


My mail id is

Can I use your code for classification?

Dimitris Anastasiou

Hello, I want to minimize a fitness function (single obj.) with 3 variables that have certain boundaries (up and low). What changes shoud I do to the code? (my mail is Thank you in advance.

Jimoh Abdulqayyum


New bee positions can be less than VarMin and more than VarMax. I had to add some if-statement to make it work. Everything else is perfect

Saliha C A


The algorithm may appear the parameters of cross-border situation in the process of optimization. We need to modify the relevant parts of creating the new bee position.


what are the changes i need to do for the implementation of this code for maximization function sujected to a equality constriant

Madina Malikova


Yi Wei Lin

Basura Basurin


amina nechar


Vinyas m

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Inspired: artificial bee colony

YPEA114 Artificial Bee Colony/Artificial Bee Colony/