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Minimum jerk trajectory generation

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Generating trajectory from 1 point to another point with minimal jerk.



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Generating trajectory from 1 point to another point with minimal jerk.
Overview on minimum jerk trajectory can be found at
Some papers on this topic:
Amirabdollahian, F., Loureiro, R., & Harwin, W. S. (2002). Minimum jerk trajectory control for rehabilitation and haptic applications. In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Vol. 4, pp. 3380–3385). Ieee.
Kyriakopoulos, K. J. (1994). Minimum jerk for trajectory planning and control. Robotica, 12(02), 109.

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Xing Yan

anything in the attached zip folder? after my downing only a licence


Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly (view profile)

Nice vectorized implementation.

A thought: It might be nice to include an additional argument so that the user could more easily use this function to evaluate intermediate points along the trajectory. Something like:
min_jerk(xi, xy, ti, tf, t)

You also might find the following submission interesting:



Fixed: Wrong calculation after previous update.


Vectorizing the output, such that for loop becomes unnecessary.
Adding descriptions on the variables.

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