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BITalino Toolbox

version (2.16 MB) by MathWorks Instrument Control Toolbox Team
Connect wirelessly to a BITalino from MATLAB to acquire and analyze medical signals


Updated 16 Mar 2017

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This toolbox contains a getting started guide, functionality, an example and a MATLAB App that can be used to cnnect to BITalino devices from MATLAB and to acquire and analyze signals.

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MathWorks Instrument Control Toolbox Team (2021). BITalino Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Peter Gamma

Feature request: adding support for Garmin HRM dual Bluetooth 5.0 heart rate sensor
There is an example in Matlab for for heart rate profile based on Bluetooth 5.0. Garmin has the chest strap Garmin HRM dual with Bluetooth 5.0:
It is also possible to build a Bitalino foot pod as sports watches have:
With all these components, it would be possible to expand the Bitalino Matlab toolbox with a chest strap heart rate sensor and a foot pod, which would make the Bitalino Matlab Toolbox attractive for sporting activities and sports physiology.

Peter Gamma

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is now supported in Matlab:
Does the BITalino Toolbox now also work with Bitalino Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) boards?

Renato Pereira

Why does the function 'readCurrentValues' gives a matrix of 1x8 instead of 1x11 like the function 'read'?

Gang Xu

In decodeFrames function, bitshift for A1 should be 8, instead of -8. Took me a while to figure it out.

Peter Gamma

Peter Gamma

Peter Gamma

When bluetooth low engery in not yet supported in Matlab yet, the Adafruit Bluefruit LE UART Friend could solve the problem:

Can this device be integrated in the BITalino Toolbox to support BLE Bitalinos?

Tiago Rodrigues

Unsuccessful open: Cannot connect to the device. Possible reasons are another application is
or the device is not available.

My Bitalino keeps on disconnecting, and this message appears..any help please?

David Marquez

Thanks for the submission.
The Toolbox is working correctly with the EMG but when I try to record the ECG it seems that many of the samples are 0.
Using OpenSignals I can see the ECG perfectly so the problem is not there. Any ideas about how to solve it?


Hello there, Please I will need to know how to get my BITalino revolution BLE to work on my MATLAB R2018b. Thanks


@Rob: This Toolbox isn't intended to work with the BITalino revolution as BLE is not supported in MATLAB as of R2018b. Feel free to contact support with your request.

Vaibhav Gandhi

Rob Dylan

I have a bitalino revolution BLE device and i simply can not get it work with the matlab toolbox. I always get the following message in the toolbox
Unsuccessful open: Cannot connect to the device. Possible reasons are another application is connected or the device is not available

Can someone provide any help?
(I have already bought the BLED112 device from BlueGiga and can use the device with opensignals)

Eduard Sune

Renato Pereira

In the ExampleECGBitalino when I choose to use live data from my Bitalino board, the number of readings collected is very low for 20 seconds. The board is doing one reading every 1 second... and it should be doing one reading every 1/1000 seconds. How do I change de frequency of the readings?

Hugo Silva


@Matlab Downloadkennung: Instrument Control Toolbox is supported since at least MATLAB R2006a. Bluetooth support in Instrument Control Toolbox goes back more than 5 years ago!

What is b=Bitalino?, what is it refer to? When I running this coding in matlab, it always showing error b=Bitalino;

It seems this toolbox requires instrument control toolbox which is supported only on R2016a so far. FYI


@Carlos: You do not need this application to process .h5 files. Refer to the MATLAB documentation for hdf5read


@Vaisakh: I don't follow your question. Are you looking to use this in Simulink?

vaisakh j b

how to use this signal as an input other blocks?

Can I use this toolbox to communicate with Biosignals Plux Explorer kit or is intended to be used with BITalino only?

Best Regards


i want to display EMG data in real time w/ dsp like bitalino app after run b.startBackgroud
how i can save/get data in real - time when code b.startBackground is streaming data, so i can plot data in real - time?
i'm using streaming processing for analysis

dsp that i mean display data in timescope w/ code dsp.timescope

best regard,

How I can open in this application, a file .h5 to process data into Matlab?


@Irfan: Feel free to edit the Bitalino App's source code and see how it is done there. You can use the same approach in your project.


@Alyssa: Try this with MATLAB R2016a on the Mac. Bluetooth has been tested wit MATLAB R2016a on on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).


Is it possible to display in real time the acquired signals in matlab without Bitalino App?
i'm working on a project where i need to acquire signals in real time ,
best regards

Alyssa Halpin

Getting this error:

Bluetooth is not supported in MAC OS Mountain Lion (10.8) and higher.


Please contact me directly for Mac.


Does not work on MAC OS -

Getting error:

Bluetooth is not supported in MAC OS Mountain Lion (10.8) and higher - from instrhwinfo

Is there a way around this?

Hugo Silva


MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2017a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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