Instrument Control Toolbox



Instrument Control Toolbox

Control test and measurement instruments and communicate with computer peripherals

5G, LTE, and Bluetooth Test

Use an RF signal generator to output 5G, LTE, Bluetooth, and other signals designed in MATLAB. Acquire data over the air from RF signal and spectrum analyzers and analyze the data in MATLAB.

WLAN, Radar, and Satellite Test

Using test equipment, output WLAN signals over the air and acquire IQ data. Output radar pulse trains to test radar systems, and test satellite components by acquiring data from RF signal analyzers.

Custom Test Applications

Use App Designer to build custom applications (UIs) that automate your design verification and production test procedures. Use  MATLAB Compiler to deploy your test application to multiple test stations.

Instrument Control Apps

Use the Instrument Explorer and VISA Explorer apps to communicate with and configure instruments without writing code. Automatically generate MATLAB code for use in automated test programs.

IVI and VXIplug&play Drivers

Use instrument drivers to communicate with instruments independently of device protocols. Directly use vendor-provided IVI and VXIplug&play instrument drivers after installing the support package.

VISA, SCPI, and Quick-Control

Communicate with instruments using text-based SCPI commands over VISA, GPIB, USB, TCP/IP, serial, and other interfaces. Use the simple Quick-Control interface to control commonly used instruments.

I2C and SPI

Open connections with individual I2C or SPI sensors on your circuit board, and read and write data from these devices. Interface hardware from Total Phase® and National Instruments® is supported.

Documentation | Examples (I2C, SPI)


Interface with test equipment and other networked devices over UDP and TCP/IP.  Send data from a Simulink model to a remote computer over UDP or TCP/IP. Establish UDP connections with the UDP Explorer app.

Hardware Support

Connect MATLAB directly to benchtop and modular instruments from Keysight™, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix®, National Instruments and others. VISA, GPIB, SCPI, IVI, VXIplug&play, LXI, PXI, and AXIe are supported.

“At a small company like ours, it’s critical for engineers to work with as little overhead as possible. With MATLAB, our team can deliver leading-edge IP faster, enabling our customers to increase bandwidth, push modulation rates higher, and reduce power consumption.”

Nick Karter, NanoSemi

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