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K_shadedErrorBar is a MATLAB function for adding shaded error bar to your plot

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Updated 22 Dec 2015

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h = K_shadedErrorBar(x,meanval,err)
h = K_shadedErrorBar(x,meanval,err,facecolor)
h = K_shadedErrorBar(x,meanval,err,facecolor,edgecolor)
h = K_shadedErrorBar(axh, _____)
h = K_shadedErrorBar(______, 'Name',Value)

x x axis values in a vector

meanval The mean value for y axis in a vector

err The error range for y axis in a vector, typically standard
deviation or standard error of means

x, meanval, and err must have the same size.

facecolor FaceColor property of the patch object.
By default it uses color that is specified by ColorOrder and
ColorOrderIndex propertis of axes (R2014b or later), or 'k'
(earlier releases).

edgecolor EdgeColor property of the patch object. By default it is
set to 'none'


'FaceAlpha' FaceColor property of the patch object.
Default is 0.5.

'Params' A row vector of cell array containing property names and values for patch object.

e.g. 'params', {'FaceAlpha',0.3,'EdgeAlpha',0.3}

h Graphic handle of the patch object


x % values for x axis
meanval % mean values for y axis
err % error range (std or sem) for y axis

hpatch = K_shadedErrorBar(x,meanval,err,'b');
hlin = line(x,meanval,'Color','b');

Writteny by
Kouichi C. Nakamura, Ph.D
Dept Morhological Brain Science
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

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Kouichi Nakamura (2021). K_shadedErrorBar() (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Inspired: superbar

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