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Building Sundials

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Create your own sundial with MATLAB.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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If carefully built, a sundial is perfectly capable of keeping accurate time. The problem is that you need a different sundial for every combination of latitude, longitude, and day of the year. Fortunately MATLAB® can make this a manageable problem. By turning this procedure around, you can also use MATLAB to tell you which way is north.

The algorithms used here for MATLAB sundial creation were adapted from

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why not just some simple trigonometry? After all, all of the original ALGORITHMS were in that formay: stuff having to put it into some programme which I do not have the machine for: the TI-81 is more than sufficent to the task, if one has the proper ALGORITHMS.

martyn dorey

Fantastic. Would be good to include a vertical mounted sundial too.


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