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Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) library

version (35.4 KB) by Archontis Politis
Routines implementing higher-order ambisonics for spatial sound encoding, manipulation and decoding.


Updated 01 Sep 2020

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This Matlab/Octave library was developed during my doctoral research in the [Communication Acoustics Research Group] (, Aalto University, Finland. If you would like to reference the code, you can refer to my dissertation published [here](
Archontis Politis, Microphone array processing for parametric spatial audio techniques, 2016
Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, Aalto University, Finland

## Description

This is a compact Matlab/Octave library implementing most common operations
associated with higher-order ambisonics (HOA), which refer to a set of
spatial audio techniques for capturing, manipulating and reproducing
sound scenes, based on a spherical Fourier expansion of the sound field.
Most of the functionality of the library is demonstrated in the included
script TEST_AMBI_SCRIPT.m. The same documentation can be also found in


The included functions implement HOA encoding of directional sounds,
decoding using various decoding approaches, and rotation of HOA sound
scenes. All operations are defined in terms of orthonormalized real
Spherical Harmonics (N3D in ambisonic slang) and channel indexing
according to $q = n^2+n+m+1$, where n is the order and m is the degree (ACN
in ambisonic slang). However, functions are included to convert to and
from N3D/ACN to some other established conventions (namely
semi-normalized SHs (SN3D) and an alternative channel indexing, termed

Ambisonic decoding can be approached from various sides, more physically
inspired or more perceptually inspired. Five approaches are implemented

* 1) Sampling or projection decoding (transpose)
* 2) Mode-matching decoding (pseudo-inverse)
* 3) Energy-preserving decoding [ref.1]
* 4) All-round ambisonic decoding [ref.2]
* 5) Constant-angular spread decoding [ref.3]

Apart from the two first traditional approaches, the three last are more
recent and more perceptually motivated. They are also more
flexible and robust, in terms of loudspeaker layouts.

Additionally, the library implements
* visualization of the ambisonic performance measures of velocity and energy vectors
* maximum energy vector weighting (max-rE) [ref.4 & ref.2]
* soundfield rotations

ALLRAD and CSAD decoders, and the scene rotations require
the additional Vector-base Amplitude Panning library found in


and the general Spherical Harmonic Transform library found in


or in the Matlab file exchange page of the author.

These two libraries should be added to the Matlab path before executing
this script.

For any questions, comments, corrections, or general feedback, please

## References

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Inspired: Spherical Harmonic Decomposition

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.