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Intermediate GUI Tutorial

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Intermediate GUI Tutorial package which is also a complete framework for developing advanced GUis



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This package is a graphical user interface tutorial demonstrating intermediate capabilities of MATLAB. It can be used as an initial template to build professional, fully interactive user interfaces. The program contains four different modules. Single and double pendulum modules illustrate multi-panel customization before analysis. The four bar mechanism and slider crank mechanism modules demonstrate efficient and fast real time simulation. Object oriented programming approach was adopted in the tutorial but only minimal object oriented programming knowledge is necessary. Classes were kept as simple as possible.
Here are some major contributions of this tutorial:
• Single and double pendulum simulation
• Four bar and crank slider mechanism simulation
• A launch GUI before the main program.
• A complete framework for a modular OOP based program
• A tabbed panel for switching between different modules.
• Sequential panel navigation
• Inbuilt help system with video player
• Simple save and load system
• A simple and elegant Progress Bar

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Seckin Sahin

easy but powerful

Yu She

Yu She (view profile)



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