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Integrating Analog to Digital Converter - Simulink model


Updated 23 Mar 2016

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Description: ADC is a simple Simulink model of an integrating analog to digital converter, including :
- A counter (clock : 160MHz, size : 10 bits)
- A resettable integrator (reset : every 2^10 160MHz clock period)
- A comparator (input signal versus the analog ramp from the integrator)
- A polynomial extrapolator (order : 5, calculating samples at deterministic instants from stochastic samples)
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Eric Ogier

@Subhash Arya
The model is based on four functional blocks:
- a counter, providing a real time count and a reset signal for the integrator when the maximum count is reached
- a resettable analog integrator, increasing until a commanded reset from the counter
- a comparator, comparing the ramp from the integrator and the signal to digitalize
- an extrapolator, based on an embedded function making the sampling regular (the comparator switches at non deterministic instants)

The two files titled "ADC_init.m" and "ADC_stop.m" are respectively the "InitFcn" and "StopFcn" callbacks (see menu File/Model Properties/Callbacks) aiming at initializing some constants and plotting the simulation results). They have no functional roles.

Subhash Arya

Please write the septs of simulating Simulink file. There are three files, two .m file and one simulink.

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