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Semiconductor Diode with Feedback

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Simulated a semiconductor laser diode subject to feedback


Updated 28 Apr 2016

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This code simulates a semiconductor laser diode subject to optical self-feedback. The diode's optical intensity and the free electron carrier population are calculated over time.
Parameters are hard-coded into the "SemiconductorSimulationDDE_MM.m" file, and include:
- diode coefficients taken from a simulation of near infrared diodes (Ryan et al 1994)
- simulation parameters such as number of modes to simulate, time of simulation, laser bias current, optical feedback strength, optical feedback delay, etc
- current modulation parameters including modulation depth and modulation frequency
Ryan, Agrawal, Gray, and Gage. "Optical-feedback-induced chaos and its control in multimode semiconductor lasers". IEEE J. Quantum Electronics, vol 30 no. 3, March 1994
Buldu, Garcia-Ojalvo, Torrent. "Multimode synchronization and communication using unidirectionally coupled semiconductor lasers". IEEE J. Quantum Electronics, vol 40 no 6. June 2004
Rumbaugh, Dunn, Bollt, Cochenour, Jemison. "Control of chaotic intensity modulation in a 462 nm InGaN diode laser for underwater lidar applications". Experimental Chaos and Complexity, May 2016.
See Jacek Kierzenka's tutorial on the dde23 engine used for this submission at

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Inspired by: Tutorial on solving DDEs with DDE23

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