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Convert scalar structure into variables.

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Updated 27 May 2016

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STRUCT2VARS Convert scalar structure into variables.
STRUCT2VARS(S) unpacks the input structure, instantiating a variable in
the caller workspace for each fieldname and its corresponding value. If a
variable name already exists in the caller workspace, it will be overwritten
by this function.

[A,B,C,___] = STRUCT2VARS(S) unpacks each field of the input structure
into the specified outputs, i.e. the first field of S will be stored in
output variable A, the second field of S will be stored in output
variable B, and so forth. The number of outputs must be less than or
equal to the number of fieldnames in the structure.
[___] = STRUCT2VARS(___,NAMES) allows the user to specify which
fieldnames are unpacked. The order provided by the user is the order in
which fields are unpacked.

See also VARS2STRUCT <>.

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David Walwark

Does the trick.


Excellent, just what I needed!

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