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dmtest_modified(e1, e2, h)

version (3.2 KB) by Jaime Trujillo
The Diebold-Mariano Test (Modified as per Harvey, Leybourne, and Newbold (1997))


Updated 10 Nov 2016

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This function builds on the previously produced dmtest function and includes the modification suggested by Harvey, Leybourne, and Newbold (1997) to the test , calculates the p-value and addresses the issue with the assumption of zero covariance at 'unobserved' lags.

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Jaime Trujillo (2020). dmtest_modified(e1, e2, h) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Cristian Bulete

dmtest_modified(e1, e2, h) and dmtest_modified(e2, e1, h) give different results. Why is that ? Thank you.

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Inspired by: Diebold-Mariano Test Statistic

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