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Puma Robot Simulation

version (76.4 KB) by Pasc Peli
This is a 3D Simulation of a Puma 762 manipulator capable of solving Forward and Inverse Kinematics.


Updated 18 Oct 2016

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This is a Simulation of a Puma 762 manipulator capable of solving the Forward and Inverse Kinematics problems.
The Code is based on '3D Puma Robot Demo' from Don Riley.
Some changes were made to the functions so as to give a more complete solution for the inverse kinematics problem (position and orientation).
The GUI has been enhanced with some new features. An 'Inverse Kinematics' panel for IK variables input, Radiobuttons for viewing different solutions, a 'D-H parameters' table and a 'Transformation matrix' table.
The 'Demo' button has been changed to 'Draw' with some new 'drawings' available.

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Pasc Peli (2021). Puma Robot Simulation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (14)

Roshan Tushar

Sir can you please let me know how you got the inverse kinematics equations.

Micheal Atia

Theta values are the only thing that change within the DH parameters. Is that intended?

jahanzeb ali khan

@pasc peli sir i want to draw my name like u did "puma, fabonacci.."
from where i can change the matrix values.... the file named as graphics could not open plz help

Pasc Peli

@marawen I am sorry for the late reply. I hope you found the solution you where looking for. I haven't worked on creating the 3D model of the manipulator so I am not sure I can help much.

@jahanzeb To draw something you have to pass a matrix of x,y,z positions for the manipulator to go to.

jahanzeb ali khan

how to change drawing option

marwen mrabti

hello Mr Peli,
thank you Sir for your work.
Can you show me how to store the link data manually in the "linksdata.mat"?


snow John


Limic de la Calzada

Muhammed Mubarak

Li Li


Quang Huy


Thanks!I think that it is very useful.If the simulink could carry objects,the simulink is more perfect!

Yucheng He

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Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: 3D Puma Robot Demo, maximize

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