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MATLAB Minimart

version 1.3 (723 KB) by David Sampson
Share and manage MATLAB toolboxes using a store.


Updated 23 Dec 2020

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MATLAB Minimart is a demo to help you get started with sharing MATLAB toolboxes.
* Storekeepers can generate stores so that MATLAB users can browse and install toolboxes.
* Users can automatically update their installed toolboxes to the latest versions in a store.

This demo was presented at MATLAB EXPO UK on 5 October 2016 by David Sampson from MathWorks Consulting. The code was written by David Sampson and Sylvain Lacaze.

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David Sampson (2021). MATLAB Minimart (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (16)

David Sampson

New version of MATLAB Minimart, just in time for Christmas! This fixes the annoying "executeScript" bug that many of you have encountered with recent versions of MATLAB. We also have a beta feature to support retrieval of toolbox dependencies from your Minimart store. We'll be building this out in the coming months.

Chris Lim

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the feedback. This is a known issue caused by the deprecation of functionality caused by changed to MATLAB's in-built web browser. We have a fix for this which will be released in the next release.
If you get in touch with me by email, then I can share this fix with you now.

Chris Armstrong

Great tool for teams and businesses to use.

One issue I've got Dave, I'm running R2020A, after running the showStore command I get the following warning, followed by an error:

Warning: [STAT,H] = WEB(___) does not return a
handle for pages that open in the system browser.
Use STAT = WEB(___) instead.
> In web>displayWarningMessage (line 432)
In web (line 96)
In minimart/Site/pingBrowser (line 152)
Unrecognized function or variable 'executeScript'.

Error in minimart.Site.pingBrowser (line 153)
'pingFromMatlab();' ) % ping

Roger Aarenstrup

Oli Fairfax

Hi David. I have another small issue with the thumbnails on the main page - they get stretched vertically if they are too short for the box. Note that they do not get stretched width-ways if they are too narrow. Is it an easy fix to have them fit width or height without stretching? Many thanks. Oli

David Sampson

Oli, thank you for the feedback. That's a reasonable request, which I will consider for a future release.

Oli Fairfax

I've just starting looking into this for my company as a way to release and keep toolboxes up to date. It should be a very useful tool but I have one recommendation and that's to allow a single toolbox to be checked for updates.

I modified the updateToolboxes inputs to have an optional toolbox string that specifies a toolbox and then line 47 includes an if statement "if strcmp(local.Name, toolbox) || isempty(toolbox)".

This way I can call the function from each toolbox and it will check that that (and only that) toolbox us up to date before using it. Would you consider including that in your official release?

I also replaced the inputs (y/n) to questdlg to make it a little more user friendly... personal preference perhaps..!



Jasmina Lazic

David Sampson

David, thank you for (1) reading the documentation, and (2) identifying a number of minor issues. These will be fixed in the next version.

David Barry

A few minor issues with the doc. I'm running 16b on a mac.

1) Appear to have broken image links.
2) Function hyperlink is appearing at the top of the main doc home page. It appears out of place as you have the same link further down.
3) Function reference page for minimart.updateToolboxes is incorrectly referencing minimart.showStore under the syntax and description sections.
4) Quick links in left hand tree browser to scroll to a certain part of a page appear to scroll one line too far and miss off the header line.

David Sampson

Eric, thank you for the feedback and for the first rating for this submission.

A fix for toolboxes without screenshots is provided in version 1.2.1, just uploaded.


I successfully got this up-and-running with a couple toolboxes in just a few minutes.

One caveat: Toolboxes without screenshots fail in the getScreenShot() function within toolboxMetadata.m. I had to add a screenshot image to one of my toolboxes to add it to the store.

David Sampson

I have published a collection of toolboxes for use in developing and demonstrating toolbox management tools like MATLAB Minimart.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2020b
Compatible with R2016a and later releases
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux
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