MINTERSECT -- Multiple set intersection.

version (646 Bytes) by David Fass
A generalization of INTERSECT to handle multiple inputs.


Updated 1 Nov 2004

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MINTERSECT(A,B,C,...) when A,B,C... are vectors returns the values common to all A,B,C... The result will be sorted. A,B,C... can be cell arrays of strings.

MINTERSECT repeatedly evaluates INTERSECT on successive pairs of sets, which may not be very efficient. For a large number of sets, this should probably be reimplemented using some kind of tree algorithm.

MINTERSECT(A,B,'rows') when A,B,C... are matrices with the same number of columns returns the rows common to all A,B,C...

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David Fass (2022). MINTERSECT -- Multiple set intersection. (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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