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Faster alternative to builtin str2double

version (12.6 KB) by Felipe G. Nievinski
str2doubles converts character string to double number faster than the builtin str2double.


Updated 20 Feb 2017

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This is a patched version of @Quant Guy's str2doubleq.cpp (submission #28893, last time updated five years ago). It includes a fix for memory leak indicated by @Jonathan and @Matthew Gunn in the comments. It also offers str2doubles.m, an interpreted language alternative to the mex (no compilation necessary) as given by @Jan Simon. Both .cpp and .m are slightly improved to deal with missing data. (Notice the mex version always returns complex-valued output, which doubles the storage; use wrapper str2doubleq2.m to discard all-zero imaginary component.)

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Felipe G. Nievinski (2020). Faster alternative to builtin str2double (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ivar Eskerud Smith

Just as James Tursa reported I also get a buildup of memory when using this function a lot, there seems to be a memory leak


str2doubles throws an ERROR... :(

In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same.

Error in str2doubles (line 13)
y(idx) = y2;

James Tursa

Note that you still have memory leaks with these lines since you don't mxFree(s):

s = mxArrayToString(cell);

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Inspired by: Fast String to Double Conversion

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