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colorStudioMax: ColorBrowser+dictio​nary, colorBlind correct

version 3.2.0 (4.42 MB) by Massimo Ciacci
Color Browser with dictionary, colorBlind correction & Philips Hue control


Updated 25 May 2020

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Quick help: /screenshots/ColorStudioMax_HELP.jpg
Display Panels:
- Selected color : the current selected color, valid also for all other GUI panels.
- Closest name: closest entry in color dictionary csv file "color_codes.csv", containing 1147 color names and values.
The '<<' button makes the closest color the current selected color.
Display Control Panels
- HSV : two sections of HSV space, one at constant V (orthogonal to cilinder axis), one at constant H (parallel to cilinder axis)
- HSL : two sections of HSL space, one at constant L (orthogonal to cilinder axis), one at constant S (parallel to cilinder circular surface)
These four axis contain a draggable marker which will update on the fly the current selected color. The marker in HSL with constant S (right bottom axis) is instead updated upon release of the dragging. This choice was motivated by coexistence with the zoom functionality, accessible via the "+" "-" buttons below the axis.
RYB checkBox: changes the mapping of the displayed hue such that e.g. Yellow (H=60°) ends up at alfa = 120°. RYB has the advantage that complementary colors in the subtractive color space sense (paint) are at 180° from each other. Also I find RYB is a better representation for humans, when selecting color harmonies and color schemes.
Control UI TABBED panel : RGB|HSV|HSL, XYZ|xyY|Lab
A regular slider + edit box group per space, updated on the fly.
TAB: XYZ|xyY|Lab
A regular slider + edit box group per space, updated at the end of slider motion.
Since XYZ,xyY,Lab are not cartesian products, i.e. not all combinations of e.g. X,Y,Z are possible, when entering one of the 3 coordinates the others are changed accordingly if necessary, choosing the closest point in the color space. If the slider arrows are used, the slider will stop moving when out of the space. If the slider is clicked or dragged instead, or the edit box input is employed, the other coordinates are changed as necessary.
User Palette:
Each button has a state, 'busy' when displaying a color, 'free' when displaying a grey gradient.
A free button will store current color when left clicked.
A busy button will change the current color when left clicked.
A busy button will clear its content when right clicked.
Clear button : self explanatory
Save|Load : save|load current palette in a csv file using the hex RGB codes. Use the palette folder for this.
RGB primaries Palette:
Similar to the User palette, but non erasable.
Right click on white resets the GUI
Color Scheme Panel
- Color Wheel : a set of 12 colors, equidistant in RYB hue, spaced by 30° RYB degrees.
The color wheel is updated such that the current color is always present, marked by a filled circle.
Saturation and Value of all entries is constant and equal to that of the selected color.
Each patch is clickable and changes the current selection.
- Color Scheme Selector (at the bottom): one of the following
'Complementary',... % H0, H0+180
'Split Complementary', ... % H0, H0+150, H0-150
'Analogous',... % H0, H0-30,H0+30
'Accented analogous', ... % H0, H0-30,H0+30, H0+180
'Triadic', ... % H0, H0+120, H0-120
'Rectangle',... % H0, H0-30, H0+180, H0+150
'Square',... % H0, H0+90, H0+180, H0-90
where H0 is the RYB hue of the current selected color.
see also
- Color Patches : Represent the current color scheme
- B/W checkbox : change the background of the color scheme to black or white
- Color-Blind Popup (Display Mode) : Modify the display of color scheme, wheel and palette buttons color to correct/simulate Deuternaomalous color blind vision :
'normal mode' : no modification, normal vision
'deuteranomalous correction 1' : R/G Equalize for color blind viewer, setting = weak
'deuteranomalous correction 2' : R/G Equalize for color blind viewer, setting = medium
'deuteranomalous correction 3' : R/G Equalize for color blind viewer, setting = strong
'deuteranomalous simulation 1' : Distort for normal viewer setting R/G color blind weak
'deuteranomalous simulation 2' : Distort for normal viewer setting R/G color blind medium
'deuteranomalous simulation 3' : Distort for normal viewer setting R/G color blind strong
Try load palette: "palettes\_ColorBlind_Identical_Pairs_Deuteranopus.csv"
which contains three pairs of nearly undistiguishable colors: AABBCC
and see the effect of the above corrections.
see ColorGUI_v1_0\screenShots\color-blind\ for examples
see ColorGUI_v1_0\tools\colorblind\ for implementation. In particular run test_Deblinder_Hue_LUT to see the effect on the Ishihara color blind tables (if you are a red-green 'moderate' color blind, i.e. "Deuteranomalous")
see Deblinder_Hue_LUT.m header text for more details.

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Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: draggable, Philips Hue Matlab Driver

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